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Fannie and Freddie Contributions to Candidatea and a whole lot more

By Commissioner - Posted on 29 September 2008 released a list of contributions to politicians of both parties.  The time period is 1989 to 2008.  Both Obama and McCain are on the list.  Obama was second highest on the list with $126,349 (in one term in office).  McCain has been in the Senate the entire time span, but his total is far less, at $21,550.  Any discussion?   Click the link below to view the entire list.


Obama/Biden 2008

Hi Misty,

I've read many of your posts and admire your devotion to Obama.  Check out the site.  Click News & Analysis, and then Center Press Releases, then scroll down to Watchdogs Compare McCain, Obama on Donor Disclosure.  Interesting.


I would ask several questions and insist on some verifiable answers before making any assumptions: Were the contributions legal?  Why did Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac make the contributions?  Did they get anything from the politicians in return?  Why is it legal for a quasi-governmental organization to make political donations?

How do those contributions compare to other political action groups or lobbyists?  Etc., etc.  good luck.  -dm


I'm not making any assumptions.  I guess these are legal, as thet were reported.  Fannie and Freddie contributions are only a few of many. (See the heavy hitters list on the same site) and read the Who's Who list(s).

Both Fannie and Freddie seemed to have operated with little or no enforcement of regulations.  Was that tied to their contributions?  What do you think?

As for your quasi-government question, I have no idea.  I have seen contributions from state universities on Obama's filings, but your guess is as good as mine.

In any case, I simply posted the link for discussion. 

I work at a state university and have contributed to Obama's campaign.  So have several other people who work at the same state university.  My name wasn't listed but I recognized many names on the list.  Employees have donated money, not the university.

Doesn't the prescence of former Senator Alphonse D'Amoto explain alot?

Click on the Pharmaceuticals/ Health Products contributions for the 2008 cycle.  Obama is Number 1 with $968,000.  Hillary Clinton is Number 2 with $631,000.  John McCain is Number 3 with $438,000.

and the list goes on and on with lesser amounts.  Gee, I wonder how we got that pathetic prescription drug plan?

McCain aide Rick Davis received $15,000 per month from Freddie Mac from 2005 through last month. McCain lied to the public claiming Davis had no involvement with the company.

McCain Aide’s Firm Was Paid by Freddie Mac
I will assume this time.  I assume Rick Davis was paid to lobby for Freddie Mac.  I also assume the multiple contributions to congress, directly, were made for the same reason ( to get what they wanted passed or voted down).  The old  "Follow the Money." explains a lot.

Follow the money indeed. The details of what Davis did are all in the article, but here is a summary. As the president Davis received $30,000 to $35,000 per month as the face of the homebuyer advocacy group. Additionally, Davis was compensated $15,000 per month for his firm's work as a consultant to Freddie Mac.

While the service rendered is leigtimate, McCain campaign's attempt to try to deceive or mislead the public about their relationship with Freddie Mac is disconcerting.

Read the top contributors page on for both candidates.  Both lists are full of Wall Street names ( some of which are now financially deceased).  Once again, we seem to be trying to figure out which candidate has the least muck left on their shoes, from their political walk. 
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