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A grin for everyone

By David Sayers - Posted on 01 October 2008

With the stress of the campaign wearing on all of us, I had to share this one. Enjoy! Love the resemblance.

That's hilarious!


[IMG][/IMG] do you post pictures??

I'll post it for you. Click the picture that looks like a tree, and in the 'Image URL" field, enter the link to the picture.


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Here is a link, hopefully, if nothing else.




Okay Lynn, leave Cotton Hill alone...LOL.  Even tho they killed him off, King of the Hill is my favorite cartoon.

They do favor! 

I couldn't help myself.  King of the Hill is one of my favorites, too.
Now, which one is Joe Biden?

Hah! This thread is made of win. 

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Anyone in FaceBook? Really cool anti-Palin groups there

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