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Women for Obama

By Frances Buckley - Posted on 09 October 2008

Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 23:20:01 -0400 

Next week the Obama campaign would like to roll out lists of hundreds ofthousands of American women -- homemakers, teachers/educators, nurses,businesswomen (non-profit and profit), community organizers, medicalprofessionals, et al - who are willing to publicly endorse Senators Obama andBiden as the next Democratic President and Vice President of the UnitedStates. 
This list, which will be made available to the media on request, willillustrate the breadth and depth of support for these candidates among Americanwomen across the country. Please send an e-mail - NOW - to Katheryn Rosen withyour name, profession, city, and state at <>THEN , reach out to at least* ten (10)* other women in your network, byforwarding this message, ASAP. 
Send response to: 
NOTE: Women who are affiliated with organizations that may not be appropriate for endorsement, can endorse on a personal basis rather than an affiliatedbasis. 

Yeah, we wouldn't want one of Patty Hearst's colleague's endorsing Obama under the profession of "Enforcer, SLA."  Hahaha :)

On a more serious note, you know one of McCain's little nazi's is going to go through the list and say something like "We have verified that 20 people on this list are known baby killers."

We like to beat the little nazi's to their game before they're up to bat.

This e-mail address came back as undeliverable for me.  Is there a website link I can try?

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