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Lies About Obama

By lephead - Posted on 31 October 2008

I did a little research on the internet and so far I have come up 85 lies being told about Obama, and that doesn't include everything.  You should see the list of Robocalls and phoney fliers on the official campaign site.  it's too much for me.

"85" so far.

I just added Number 87 : 

   Lawrence Eagleburger :  Obama is a flim-flam artist who has never done anything of value.

Eagleburger must have been threatened into recanting yesterday's comments, now he thinks Palin is the cats meow.

I would recommend this video for much more about Obama, watch it all, this was one of the many reasons why I voted a certain way:

to all he  great people of this website please go to  YOU TUBE and type  in     sarah plain   ID  VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA  some of you have already seen this video, but for those of you  that havent seen it, you will laugh your socks off she is actually praising obama

the clip on  YOU TUBE   TYPE IN   sarah plain endorses obama and  you will find the clip

I don't know if you included the lie about his being the most liberal member of the Senate, but this site, using an algorithm to weight degree of "liberalness" places him at 10th or 11th, not first:

I'm still looking for that site I found a couple of weeks ago where the rankings of the liberal groups - on one hand - and conservative - on the other - were averaged out.  The liberal averages had Obama pegged at about 41st out of 100 on the liberal scale.  The conservative averages had him at 32nd.

Moreover, McCain calling Obama "liberal" is almost a matter of the pot calling the kettle black, according to the American Conservative Union at this site:


McGaw : I don't know if you have read the horrible “A Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America” , but in this they portray this bizarre agenda based on their belief that Obama will enact the radical agenda of ultra-ultra liberal groups and that the rejection of the Bush agenda will result in problems for America.  It's truly hateful.  It's awful.



secondly, I discovered a site called Media Matters, and they have 1,191 entries of slander from tv and hate radio.  Its that bad


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