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A note on Hillary

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 24 February 2008

For those of you stopping by due to an email/post circulated recently:

A bit of history:

Republicans for Obama was founded over a year ago by actual registered Republicans who were already familiar with Senator Obama's work and who wished to support his bid for the presidency. The group now has over 1000 members from all fifty states and abroad. Though we all have different reasons behind our votes, we are united in our support of Senator Obama.

It is not, nor has it ever been, the goal of this organization to support Barack in order to keep Hillary out of office. You can see the official statements of support for Senator Obama under the "About Us" and "Why Obama" tabs at the top of the page.

That said, there are many Republicans who have strong negative feelings toward both the Clintons, and toward Hillary in particular. While posters are free to express their feelings in our forums, those posts should not be considered representative of the membership of RFO as a whole, nor of the RFO leadership team itself.

Thank you.



Nader's becoming a public nuisance--from being the consumer's advocate hero to spoiler to irrelevant....ahhhh, hubris.

With the two-faced Hillary Clinton, I can’t seem to catch her Voice...what with all the mixed messages.

Let's face it, we will never have a perfect president, but we will have a more perfect union with the election of Barack Obama and certainly a much, much better president over the last two.

I like the reminder from Barbara that this group is for Obama rather than against anyone in particular.  I had the pleasure of attending the Rally in Austin on Friday night and hearing Barrack speak.  An important piece of why I am supporting him is his lack of negativity.  Lets be supportive of that and work to the positives ourselves.  I look forward to his success in November and the start of a period of very different leadership in the country.  Hilary will lose, but she will ned to be there to help make the new agenda work.  Nick in Austin


I have followed Obama since I saw his keynote in 04.


I have never voted for a democrat for national office, so I had confined my candidate list to the GOP. I had almost decided to vote for what I was feeling as "the lesser of evils", just as I have done since 1988. I am a fiscal conservative who believes in small government, individual privacy, peace through strength, and well, most of the pillars of the Republican party prior to the neocon takeover.

I am happy to say though that a friend of mine, also a very strong GOP member, convinced me to look at Obama as a better alternative to the folks my own party were fielding. I am now pro Obama instead of selecting the lesser of evils guy and it does feel good to be FOR someone instead of settling. So this has been and will remain a positive experience for me.

That said, if by hook or by crook, Hillary were to win the nomination, well then give me a ticket to the rusty old sorta-straight talk express. 

The latest polls actually indicate that McCain has a stronger lead over Obama than over Clinton. Still, I believe it is in the best interest of Republicans and of the nation to make sure the Democratic in-fighting continues as long as possible. It is the best way for the nation to come to better understand their dangerous policies, making sure they are aired by Democrats themselves.
This is why I am urging all Texas Republicans to VOTE HILLARY in the Tuesday primary and caucuses.
Let’s keep Democrats on the defensive while our candidate John McCain strengthens!

I am a lifelong Republican who just found this site, hoping there would be a "Republicans for Obama" group out there. I may have supported Romney had he had a clear shot, but I cannot support McCain. He, in my opinion, is the eqivalent to having a political mercenary in the president's seat - he has not consistently shown allegiance to any one political view or group, which is very convenient during election years but not good for long-term national leadership.

Voting for Hillary in the primaries gives her a shot for the PRESIDENTIAL RACE, man. This should not be taken lightly. I'm not sure John McCain is sharp enough to hold his ground in debates against her. She'd probably scrub the floor with him.

 In my opinion, supporting Obama in the primaries is the wisest option for Republicans because he would still be a better leader and representative of our country than Hillary, and probably McCain. Of the three, only Obama (in my opinion) would appropriately represent the US in the global arena, and given his multi-ethnic background (Kenyan father, lived in Indonesia for a time) he is probably best positioned to identify issues and opportunities that can strengthen the U.S.' image overseas. That's imperative right now.

Don't risk voting for Hillary in the primaries - she's sharp-witted and street smart - McCain is not. Vote for the best leader at all stages in the election cycle to ensure he makes it to the White House.

First I have to say that I think your ideas smacks of dirty politics, and I don't support doing that to anyone.

Second, I would as soon cut off my hand than vote for Hillary Clinton. I think she is the worst possible candidate. I would never vote to keep her in the race. If by hook or crook she bocomes president, the only silver lining in that dark cloud is that she would scuttle the democratic party even more than Carter did with his inept presidential stylings and policies.

I urge all Texans to vote for the candidate that they think will be the best president . In my case that person is Barack Obama.

Aaron, unless I completely missed something, this poster is supporting Obama all the way through November.  Just what is it that smacks of dirty politics?

I too would cut off your hand rather than vote for Hillary.  LOL  Sorry my friend, I couldn't resist.  While I might not cut off body parts, I will never cast a vote for Hillary.  Never.

I think he was replying to "Latino voter," who said we should vote Hillary to keep the Democrats out of office.

Yes indeed, that was meant as a reply to Latino_Voter.

Thank you both for the clarification.  I knew something just wasn't making sense.....turns out it was me! :-)  I'm glad clearer heads prevailed.....

Like the last poster I also am a fiscal conservative who believes in small government, individual privacy, peace through strength, and well, most of the pillars of the Republican party prior to the neocon takeover. I am 76 and have voted a straight Republican ticket since I was 21. I am a life member of the "Republican Inner Circle" and have been to the White House many times and have had dinner with 3 Rebublican Presidents.

I understand Barbara's wish for everyone to be positive and I am sure I will reach that point prior to the general election but right now honesty takes priority. I am not against Hillary, I don't even know her but I do know John McCain. In my humble opinion he is one of the most despicable men that has ever held public office. I hope and assume the real truth about him will come out prior to the general election. Right now I am going to vote for Obama because I am a real Republican and I want to keep our Grand Old Party from sinking any deeper into the mud.

I have watched Obama on TV but have not had the pleasure of meeting him or seeing him in person. From what I can determine from listening to him, he is a man of good moral principle and character which is what the country needs. I'm sure that I can set aside my distaste for the Democratic principles of big government and become a more positive supporter as time goes on.

I don't think Obama stands a chance because he is inexperienced among other things.   Please read my blogpost about him and then feel free to comment/bash. 

What experience does one need to have to become the president? To my mind, all three of the candidates are senators, a job which imbues no real practical experience in anything relating to the effective use of executive power. Hillary claims that being the wife of a former president gives her some special insight into the job she so desperately wants, but any positives she has there are far out-weighed by the negatives she carries.

So, given that the senate is no training ground for a president, what is your experience argument? McCain will almost certainly take aggressive action in the middle east to assert his power and quell any question that we might leave. I can easily see McCain dragging us into conflicts with Iran, Syria and who knows what kind of powder keg that would ignite. He is simply dangerous and we don't need that kind of reckless leadership, eight years of a crusader in the white house is far more than enough.

Obama is the only candidate who has any chance of bringing democrats, independents and enough republicans to the table to find concensus on some issues and get them implemented. I respect those of my fellow Republicans who have chosen to stand with McCain, but I think enough of us see the cancer in our party and realize that Obama is actually BETTER for the country than any Republican candidate this year. We need to clean house and get back to our core issues and shed the neocon agenda that has hijacked our party for far too long. 

Welcome Gloria

Glad to hear from you. Wow, I bet you have some good stories, and anytime you wanna spill, I'm all ears.

I was so glad to find this orginization as it gives like minded republicans a place to express their support for Obama and to discuss the unique issues which face all of us Obamacans. I really hope we can get him elected, work together to get some positive social and political changes done and all the while we can work to clean up our own party and get the GOP back to its pre-neocon roots.

I have only seen him on TV, but I respect and admire the man. The only candidate I have met was Allen Keyes, who had a Sunday lunch in my restaraunt a couple of weeks ago.

I think that after Tuesday we will know for certain that Obama is the nominee and we can get on with the general election and get some discussion started around the very important and overwhelming need to clean house in the GOP. 

Thanks, Aaron. I wish we could exchange email sites but I don't know if that is allowed. In the meantime you should know about Richard Viguerie's new site. It will take at least 8 years to rebuild the Republican Party so in the meantime I hope we can elect Obama but work toward a new GOP at the same time.

If you don't know who Richard is, here is a very short synopsis: Richard Viguerie’s development of grassroots organizing methods such as direct mail is legendary. Thanks to Viguerie, it is possible for campaigns and causes to rely on millions of small contributors rather than a few fatcats. That’s why John F. Kennedy Jr.’s political magazine, George, called the founding of Viguerie’s organization one of the “defining political moments of the 20th Century.” 

One of his books is Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause. His new site is:

I will check back later to see what you think about it.

It is unfair for Hillary....People in this world now a day are cruel , full of hatred, and dishonesty....

What in the world are you talking about?

Is it unfair to Barack that you support Hillary? Then why is it unfair to Hillary for someone to support Barack? There's nothing cruel or dishonest about democracy. At least I thought there wasn't.

Funny, you have just described Hillary Clinton.

I thought Barack Hussein Obama was the right choice. His books moved me, his speeches are amazing and everything about him seemed right to me. I firmly believed he was my voice...until I did some research and realized his voice and message was a tangled web of lies.

Below is what I have found about Obama. If You don't have time to research, read this...

1. Barack does accept support from lobbyists.
2. Barack didn't vote against the war.
3. Barack's wife, Michelle, is currently a corporate lawyer, which Barack criticized H. Clinton for being some 20 years ago.
4. Barack made a business deal with an indicted crook, arguing that it wasn't a big deal.
5. Barack voted to fund the war just a few months ago, all while giving speeches claiming that he doesn't support the war and never did.
6. Barack refers to women as "biiitches" and doesn't find the need to apologize for it.

When I started researching about Obama, I just realized that he's a typical politician, but with great speechwriters and a great speech style; these tactics had convinced me he was different. I was wrong. The truth is, when you research his campaign tactics and people, you will learn these top six facts above that surprised me.

Most of us are aware of Obama and his history. 

1. Barack has ten lobbyist bundlers. That's true. But Hillary has twenty and McCain has sixty.  Obama is the only one who does not accept money from PACs

2. Barack didn't vote against the authorization of war. That's true. He wasn't in the Senate yet.

3. Michelle is a corporate attorney. I have no idea what that has to do with Barack.

4. Barack made a minor deal with Mr. Rezco. Clinton and McCain have shady figures in their past, as well. Clinton had to return nearly a million dollars raised by Hsu, who evaded authorities and fled to Hong Kong after being accused fraud. McCain was featured on the front page of the NYT just a few days ago, with questions regarding the history of his relations with various lobbyists.

5. Barack has explained repeatedly why he continued to fund the soldiers. He felt it was unfair to deny our troops the equipment they need while deployed overseas.

6. Source? I have no idea what you're talkling about. But McCain's staff has referred to Barack by his middle name and called him a "hack," and McCain himself laughed when his supporters referred to Hillary as a b*tch in South Carolina.


We'll be going over your member's comments to KFI last week on our blog talk radio show (

We'd also enjoy having that fellow on our show. So far, I haven't heard from one solitary RFO person who can adequately state why a conservative would vote for Obama. A liberal? sure. A liberal republican? possibly. But we doubt this 'RFO' is kosher and/or organic.

Hi, Jimmy. 

We ge that question a lot. Lemme see if I can find the last time I wrote up an answer, if you don't mind cut and paste. It gets a little old typing the same thing over and over. 

I wrote this a few days ago in response to a similar question.

Can a Conservative Republican Really Support Obama?

by Barbara (this is from me, not from RFO)

Well, sure we can. After all, the Republican party is no longer conservative, except perhaps in the social/religious sense. Consider:

Republicans have traditionally been the party of fiscal conservatism, but no more. The only options anymore seem to be "tax and spend" with the Democrats or "spend and spend" with the current Republicans. If those are my two choices, then for the sake of my kids I guess I'll go with the Democrats. Republicans like to pretend like the party promotes tax cuts, but it doesn't, at least not anymore. The current Republicans simply transfer the tax burden to our kids.

The Republicans are no longer in any sense conservative on foreign policy. The approach is bomb now, ask questions later. A true conservative approach would be to maintain a powerful military, but reserve its use for only matters of pressing national interest, after all other options are exhausted.

The Republicans no longer even respect the rights of the individual to be free from government encroachment. The party justifies wiretapping, email interception, seizure of library/phone/credit records in the name of homeland security. Further, the Republicans, the party of "compassionate conservatives" support torture and enhanced interrogation - outright violations of civil liberties and international law.

Originally I had hoped that McCain - with his personal history - would reverse course on several of the issues tied to foreign policy and homeland security. But more and more he's sounding like another Republican warmonger, and more and more he's moving closer to the party line on invasion of privacy, enhanced interrogation, etc.

Okay, so what about Obama?

Whereas Obama is not a conservative, he at least recognizes the need for government to pay for what it buys - he's been pushing pay-go legislation for the Senate for years now. He intends to return to a conservative foreign policy in which we negotiate first, bomb as a last resort. And he believes that the only way America can resume its rightful place as leader of the free world is by denouncing torture and other violations of human liberties.

How does that make me Republican?

I remain a Republican because I believe in the heart and soul of the traditional GOP: that government should be limited at the federal level, that it bears the burden of financially responsible decision making, that it must respect the rights of the common man, that it does not become unnecessarily involved overseas. I remain hopeful that the party will return to its roots, and will free itself from the clutches of the neocon movement. I fear, though, that if the status quo remains much longer, this new incarnation of the Republican Party will *become* the definition of Republicanism. If that were to happen, it would be to the detriment not only of our party, but also of our nation as a whole. 

That's just one perspective, but I hope that helps, Jimmy.


ps. you can also read official RFO statements of support by clicking on he "Why Obama" and "About us" tabs above.




I think that it will make a huge difference for me if Billary comes anywhere near Obama. We do not want Clintons or Bushes sons, daughters in the white house. Obama needs to think very clearly who he brings in to the white house with him. Hillary would not be one of them. It will be the same old same old. We need change, go back to the Clintons would be stupid. How sad that we be for us who saw something in Obama. My vote is out until he picks a running mate.


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