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The Politics of Entitlement

As Senator McCain's demeanor has grown more intense these last couple of weeks, has something seemed vaguely familiar? That increasingly bitter tone, the antagonistic body language, the shrill "no fair" responses to the media? The rolled eyes at debates and the grimaces at the mere mention of the opponent's name? Well, if it feels like deja vu all over again, that's because it is. As unlikely as it sounds, John McCain has turned into Hillary Clinton.

Making a difference

We've made it to the final stretch of this (very long) presidential race. This is where the rubber meets the road (or, if you prefer, insert some other hokey idiomatic expression here).

It's only because he's black!

You knew it would happen. "It's only because he's black." So say Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, and the guy next door of Colin Powell's decision to publicly endorse Barack Obama over John McCain.

An Inconvenient Truth


It's become clear now that McCain only has two lines left in his rhetoric:



Confession: I made quite a scene at church on Sunday when I started weeping uncontrollably at the end of service.

Partisan Problems


You've likely heard by now that in a report filed in Anchorage by a legislative investigation committee, Governor Sarah Palin was found to have abused power by "knowingly allowing" an inappropriate situation to continue.

What, me worry?

No wonder McCain is so unhappy, as evidenced by his rather ascerbic performance last night.

Debate Reactions


This is an open entry for you guys to post your favorite and least favorite moments from the debate.

Ain't that America?


Ah, yes, the pontifications of John Cougar Mellencamp:

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