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I never met a man...

People often ask me (often in very colorful, pointed terms) why I support Obama. One of the main reasons is foreign policy. For me, a strong defense does not necessitate an aggressive, interventionist defense. I'm tired of a foreign policy that operates under the philosophy that everyone is an enemy until proven otherwise.

Obama's new strategy

The big news this weekend is that Obama pulled in a staggering $66 million in donations last month, including donations from half a million first-time contributors.


Debunking the Palin Mythology

On The Bush Doctrine

Apparently Sarah Palin wasn't in hiding quite long enough.

Barack's New Offensive Coordinators



In keeping with our football theme this week, today I want to talk about the OC - the offensive coordinator.

On disability

I don't like to get into personal matters around here. I'd imagine most of us don't. But allow me some liberty today.

Post-Palin Poll - Day 3

Today is the first day for which the Gallup Tracking poll reflects only data collected after Palin gave her highly-publicized and well-received speech on Wednesday.

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