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McCain's Gamble

The Washington Post today features a commentary from Charles Krauthammer on what he calls "Palin's problem."

Palin on Foreign Policy

"Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right.

On Pregnancies, Unexpected

I have to admire the Palins.

Meet Alaska

You've heard the song "Meet Virginia"? Well, it's time to meet Alaska. Politically, I mean.

And McCain goes with Palin

The announcement was made official just moments ago: McCain has selected Alaskan

More than Words

How was it that song from the nineties went? It takes more than words to show me how you feel?

Full Circle

Life often runs in circles. It's not uncommon for the arc of a story to bend so far that the players involved, in one sense or another, end up where they started.

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