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What We Need

I liked Biden's comment:

What we need right now is not a good soldier. What we need is a wise leader.

McCain's VP Revealed

In an attempt to make his own headlines tonig

On the Race Card

Slate writer Jacob Weisberg made a bold statement this weekend: "Racism is the only reason Obama might lose."

McCain ♥ Hillary

Continuing in his increasingly successful attempts to distract from policy-related discourse, John McCain comes up with a new criticism of Barack Obama: Obama snubbed Hillary Clinton.

Clinton to Release Delegates

Two and a half months after conceding the race and "suspending" her campaign, tonight Senator Hillar

And It's Biden

As expected, Obama announced overnight that Joe Biden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and former presidential candidate himself, is his running mate on the Democratic ticket.

McCain's Ayers Ad

I wanted to provide some detail for the new McCain ad on the connection between Obama-Ayers.

Here's some facts, jsyk:

Conservative to speak at RNC

You're wondering why this makes headlines. Well of *course* a conservative is going to speak at the RNC! They're Republicans, aren't they?

On Offense

In football, they say championships are won with defense. But even the best defensive team has still gotta make a few offensive plays now and then.

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