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arrogant folly

Our conservative visitors never seem to like our foreign policy ideas around here. "You sound like a friggin' liberal!" the say.

Funny Faith Forum

So thanks to our sup

Fighting the "Obamanation"

I heard a couple of you asking a last week if Obama was being aggressive enough in his counters to McCain's recent offensive against him.

A man of his word

More fun with McCainMail today:

The Real McCain

So McCain turned heads two days ago with some strong words regarding the Russian-Georgian conflict:

The obsession continues

So I get a couple of McCain-mails yesterday. As most of you know, I'm on McCain's email list so I can keep track of what kind of propaganda he's putting out there.

Debate topics

So Misty was kind enough to point out to us the schedule for the presidential debates:

Server Says....

Okay, sorry, the title's just a little Family Feud joke.

Hey so, as you've probably noticed, the site's running a lot faster.

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