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The latest Obama-maniac

May I present John McCain, the most Obamacentric of the Obama-obsessed.

Exhibit A, yesterday's email to supporters:

One helluva deficit

So the results are in and we have a loser...the taxpayers.

Pardon Our Progress

A big thanks to those of you who are fighting through the server to keep reading and posting. As you can tell, we've outgrown our Yahoo hosting service.

And McCain Pouts

So, I posted yesterday about how the NY Times declined to run an op-ed by McCain because he failed to answer the specific questions the Times was wanting

The News Not Fit to Print

...alternately titled: "Just Answer the Damn Question Already"

Healthcare's failing grades

We've talked here in the past about the healthcare rankings that came out a few years ago that showed the U.S.

On the New Yorker

As I'm sure you're all aware, the cover of the New Yorker this week (see below) features an imaginary future Oval Office with Barack in Muslim garb, Michelle as a jihadist, an Amer

McNomical deception

So, McCain sends out a note to supporters today, outlining his proposal to create jobs, stimulate the economy, and lower spending.

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