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Cheney's reality

We've always known that the Bush administration is of the head-in-the-sand persuasion when it comes to environmental issues, but now there are accusations that Cheney is actually

On Patriotism

If you haven't read them yet, this week's Time featured commentaries from both McCain

Thoughts on Independence

On our holiday weekend, I had a few thoughts.

McCain shakes up his staff

Under pressure from outsiders and even some of his own lower-level staff, MCain replac

Fundraising deadline

Don't forget that the second quarter fundraising deadline is tonight at midnight.

Dobson's a dork

Okay, not really a dork. But still.

Now this is going to get awfully long, and I apologize, but Dr. Dobson's broadcast really pissed me off.

How bizarre

I just got an email from Hillary thanking me for my support and providing a convenient link to this page:

It's the Economy!

Well, if it's indeed "the economy, stupid," then Obama's in great shape.

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