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Obama, White Voters, and the Democratic Party

Night before last, on either CNN or MSNBC, I saw the result of a study of white voters and the Democratic party.  When not breaking down the white vote into income or education levels, the overall

Hillary to Suspend Campaign

It was just announced on MSNBC, that according to the New York Times, Hillary will suspend her campaign and endorse Barack Obama on Friday.

Hillary Says "No Nominee on Tuesday"

After thanking Puerto Ricans for her win tonight, Hillary said there will be no nominee on Tuesday, and continued

What Would You Do If......

.......John McCain chose someone from your state for his VP running mate?  Someone that you supported, voted for, and greatly admire?  I was faced with this possibility yesterday, as I heard the news about the potential candidates being invited to McCain's ranch this weekend.  Among them is my governor, Bobby Jindal.  Jindal is a reformer Republican, and probably the brightest star for the future of the GOP. 

Obama says "Lay off my wife!"

Barack Obama has some rather strong words for the Tennessee GOP, for using Michelle in anti-American themed ads.  He says his wife and family are off limits, and that such attacks are "low class".  I guess low class is better than no class, which is how I see the ads.  Read the story and watch the video here.

Barack says to "Be Nice"

As the campaign begins to wind down, I'm sure there will be a lot of "last hurrah" statements from the HRC camp.  Bearing in mind that she wants to go out with her dignity intact, and to be seen to the end as a fighter, we can expect some statements that we dislike. 

The Politics of Fear..AGAIN

Yesterday, President Bush inferred that if a Democratic President was elected this year, we would have another terrorist attack on our soil.  In today's world, that may or may not be true, no matter who is elected. 

Today, while giving a speech in Isreal, Bush attempted to make the Jewsih people think that Obama would "appease" terrorists, and compared that to the attempts of some leaders trying to appease Hitler leading up to WWII. 

Obamacan Ad from

This morning on MSNBC I saw a story about a ad featuring an "Obamacan".  As a matter of fact, "Obamacan" is the title of the ad.   After visiting the website to see more about this, it seems that MoveOn had an ad contest, "Obama in 30 Seconds", and this was the winner.  Over 5.5 million votes were cast in the contest.  That's a lot of voters!

Christians Political Thinking Shifts

This from CNN states the growing shift in what Christians, especially Evangelicals, are looking for in a candidate.  For so long, we have been voting on one or two issues...abortion, gay rights, etc.  As more and more of us realize that our Christian values extend much deeper than that, the GOP is losing their stranglehold on our vote.  

W VA and KY

It seems to be a given that Clinton will sweep West Virginia and Kentucky by large margins....very large margins.  The Obama camp accepts this fact, and is doing very little campaigning there.

I have mixed feelings about this.  The logical and pragmatic part of me says this is good strategy.  Don't waste campaign money in places where the dollars will see very little return.

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