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If I Were Sarah Palin,

I wouldn't be thinking about 2012.  I'm not saying I wouldn't be thinking of 2012 for the next year or two and then later decide whether to run for the presidency.  I'm saying I wouldn't think of 2012, period.

Praise from the WSJ

Nothing but praise from the Wall Street Journal today for Obama's emerging national security team.

The Rightroots' Ingenius Idea: Attack Barack

Here's a question: how can the right organize millions of online activists to create a credible counterweight to the netroots movement?  Simple-- attack Barack!

Timothy Geithner (R-I)

Yesterday, Timothy Geithner was officially announced as President-Elect Barack Obama's Treasury Secretary.  You might know that Mr. Geithner worked at Treasury at the end of the Reagan Administration, and eventually served right under Bob Rubin and Larry Summers during the Clinton years.

Two Possible Scenarios for the Future of the GOP

The Republican Party is likely to go down one of the following two paths over the coming years.

Bloodlust, Part Deux

Actually, the howls against Bob Gates haven't been that intense, with few complaints directed at him personally (I'm taking this as a sign that he's done a pretty decent job.

The Left's Bloodlust

I'm not quite understanding this primal need for punishment that we've been seeing coming from the left over the past two weeks.  Wasn't everyone supposed to be happy once Barack got elected?  I'm happy!  Why can't they be?

Obama's Cabinet: Not Much Yet for the GOP

I'm still not jumping to conclusions, but these positions are going fast.  Barack the Uniter is going to get a big strike against him if he doesn't fill any of the remaining slots with a Republican.  That's not a threat, just a promise from a supporter.  Personally, I see these appointments as largely symbolic, but the symbolism is going to be important if Obama still wants a different kind of presidency.

Don't Shoot the Messengers

I've become immune to those who call me a RINO, or who send hate mail accusing us of being the cause of the Republican Party's downfall.  It still amazes me, though, how so many STILL want to kick out/battle/demonize Republicans who either voted for the Democrat (hopefully just this one time), or who have different views of what a Republican is or should be.

Obama and McCain

I can't help thinking that McCain feels much more comfortable working with Barack than he ever could working with Sarah Palin.  Of course he's still upset about losing the election, and probably feels that he would have done a better job than Obama, but I don't take yesterday's meeting with the President-Elect as being just an act.

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