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Obama is not Carter

So says former Republican Senator and former RNC Chairman Bill Brock (and probably a few million other people).  Brock calls Barack "a terrifically talented politician," who will be a "terrifically talented leader."

Will there be Republicans?

That's a question posed to Barack in tonight's 60 Minutes interview.  Obama claims that there will be at least one Republican in his administration, but I guess we'll have to wait until all the appointments are over until we know if one will be the limit.

What if Barack Further Divides the GOP?

I saw a poll a couple of days ago that said about half of self-proclaimed conservatives believe Barack will be able to address the nation's economic woes.   We know that the campaign has said there will be a sizeable number of Republicans in the administration, and there's still a belief out there that Barack wants to be and could be a post-partisan president.

A Permanent Regional Party

The far right doesn't want to actually diagnose what's wrong with the GOP and understand why we're now a regional party; they just want to yack back and forth, turn more people away, and go to bed each night believing they've got it all figured out.

Do We Want Stevens to Win?

Or do we want to kick every last bum out of the party and start anew.  Just a few quick words about the senior Senator and his situation.

We Have No Principles

Why are we just now hearing Palin criticize Bush and the Republican party?  Why are all the angries in our party now even angrier?  Simple-- we got beat.  We got beat badly.  This has little (if anything) to do with a lack of principles.

The Politics of Reality

Here's a snippet of an article in yesterday's Politico discussing all of the Democratic and liberal groups taking credit for Obama's win:

It Wasn't Social Values, Stupid.

Rarely do I lean on Rich Lowry for guidance, but he made a pretty good point today on why Palin was a drag on McCain.

America the Conservative

Although Barack would likely have won anyway, it was nice to see the left wing of the left vote for a major party this year, and not for one of those Nader/Green Party options.

I Wish We Had the Democrats' Problems

From some off the nonsense being thrown out there, you'd think that the tide has already turned back in the GOP's favor. 

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