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In America, Anything Is Possible

Whenever we appear to be heading off track, our people always seem to come together to set things straight again.  A few hours ago, we reminded the world and ourselves why America should never be counted out.  Ordinary Americans, led by the son of a Kenyan goat herder and a girl from Kansas, just set a new course for the nation.

In His Own Words

"I think I can bring the country together around a working majority for change... rather than simply duplicate the elections of 2000 and 2004 where 47% of the country is on one side, and 47% is on the other, and 5% are in the middle-- all of them living in Florida and Ohio, apparently.

Final Day of Honest Reflection

Before we all forget how we've behaved over the past eight years,

My Rule: If you did not get angry at Republicans for supporting a program/policy you disagreed with before November 4th, 2008, don't get angry when Democrats support the same program/policy after November 4th, 2008.

A Sick Argument

As part of his latest last-ditch, pre-election efforts, Charles Krauthammer argues that McCain's healthcare plan makes more sense than Obama's.  Let's have a look.

Charlie Crist: Trying to Get People to Hate Republicans Less

I'm not a Floridian and I have not formed too much of an opinion of Governor Crist, but his actions of the last few days should serve as a template for Republican office-seekers everywhere.  His goal?  To get people to not hate Republicans as much.

The End of the Beginning

When we started this effort back in 2006, Barack was two months from announcing his candidacy, and Sarah Palin had just been sworn in as Governor of Alaska.  I registered the domain name in mid-December, with only a vague idea of what to do next.  As I waited to get inspired, I stuck a Republican elephant on the site's blank homepage, and figured that I had at least until the middle of 2007 to get things into gear.

How Low Can We Go?

Barack has the money, the double-digit lead, and a base that gets stronger every time Hillary Rodham gets in front of an Obama crowd.  McCain has two unhappy wings of a shrinking party and an economy in free fall.

John McCain is a Socialist

It's true.  Of course, McCain is saying all the right things at the moment, but that can't hide his troubling socialist record.

On Patriotism

Colin Powell knows that there are many ways to be a patriot-- during his private-sector interlude in the 1990's, he was one of the most aggressive advocates of AmeriCorps and other public service programs.

The Republican Bait and Switch

McCain is using the last Republican tactic left in his toolbox-- tell the voters that the Democrats are coming for their money, whether they are or not.

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