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Republicans and Conservatives Endorsing Barack in 2008

Here's a recap of some of the biggest Republicans, Republicans-turned-independents, and conservatives who supported Barack for President in 2008.

McCain's Last Stand and the Association Trap


You can't give McCain a hard time for not using the Google, but you can blame his advisors for not understanding that today a whole lot of people will eventually debunk whatever it is you're trying to sell. 

Is This How McCain Wants to Win/Lose?

Since Friday, John McCain has publicly called Barack a "family man," a "decent person," and someone not "to be scared of as president of the United States."  While I believe that McCain is still basically uncomfortable with playing dirty, you can't take his recent drawdown as a capitulation to his softer side. 

William Ayers: Funded by Republicans

The more the McCain campaign tries to tie Barack to William Ayers, the more ridiculous they look.  But hey-- at least the economy is doing well!

Bitter McCain Clings to His Final Chance


As you probably read this morning, the stock market plunge of the past 15 months has wiped out $2 trillion in Americans' retirement savings.  800,000 homes in our country have been repossessed by lenders over the past year. 

The Self-Made Ticket








After hearing Joe Biden speak about his childhood last week, I was reminded of the fact that both he and Barack have solid roots in middle class America. 

Preconditions vs. Preparations

At first look, you might say that Friday's debate was a draw.  Upon second look, it's clear that all John McCain had to offer was yet another pissing match, despite his supposed superior grasp of foreign policy.  If McCain isn't able to blow Barack away with his understanding of international affairs, it's hard to make a case for him becoming president.

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