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Which McCain?


Assuming Senator McCain regains some of his political senses, we can expect to be watching the first presidential debate later tonight. 

Red State


"Good Conservatives always pay their bills.  Unlike socialists, who just run up other people's."  -Margaret Thatcher

National Review Backs Barack

Well, maybe not yet, but it seems like we're getting to that point. 

Return from La-La Land

Maybe the gimmickry that is and that has surrounded Sarah Palin is beginning to run its course.  McCain's post-convention bounce was a little longer than usual, but in light of the failures at Lehman Brothers and AIG, it looks like America is increasingly paying attention to the real issues again.

The Greater Risk

Each generation sees farther than the generation that preceded it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation.  You're going to have opportunities beyond anything that we've ever known.  

McCain, Obama and the Disappearing GOP

Party Affiliation 

If you watched the RNC, you got the feeling that McCain's VP pick has galvanized the GOP's base.  Let's try to understand what that will mean on November 4th.

John McCain: Republican for Obama

Obama, McCain, Lieberman

As David Brooks reminds us today, John McCain wanted to select Joe Lieberman as his running mate.  

McCain and Bush: Gut Players

McCain & Bush

With all the recent chatter surrounding McCain's VP pick, I'm reminded of something George W. told Bob Woodward a few years back: "I'm not a textbook player. I'm a gut player."

Hillary’s Test


Forget Unity, New Hampshire.  Forget her speech at the DNC.  When it comes to showing if Hillary Clinton is a team player, only the next two months matter. 

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