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Palin vs. Autry

Palin Autry

After months of hearing that Barack Obama does not have the experience to be President, it confuses me to hear that John McCain has chosen Sarah Palin to be his running mate. 

Giuliani for Obama

I'm not being cute.  Before he was picked to give the keynote address at the 2008 Republican National Convention, Rudy Giuliani did his own cross-party endorsing. 

The RNC's Take on Republicans for Obama

As of 3pm this afternoon, the Republican National Committee is guilty of the weakest response of the presidential campaign.  After the official Republicans for Obama organization was unveiled toda

Tire Gauges and the Politics of Personal Responsibility

Some say it's politically naive to ask the American people to pitch in to help us reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Maybe it's just politically courageous to do so.  Here's what

A Republican for Obama Remembers Ted Stevens

Here's a bipartisan ideal: good government. 

America's Face to the World

I'm not sure why some are upset with Barack's Berlin speech.  It can't be because they think a presidential candidate shouldn't be making international appearances-- John McCain ha

How Much More Conservative Would McCain's Justices Be?

I'm not going to take credit for Bruce Bartlett's latest piece on  But I will summarize and then instruct everyone to

Tough Love, and Other Republican Reasons for Supporting Barack

In the wake of Jesse Jackson's latest gaffe, Senator Obama's reminding us that he won’t back down from his “tough love” message to African-American fathers, half of whom don't sta

Thomas Sowell Doesn't Know What's Hitting Him

Thomas Sowell's trying to figure out why an increasing number of conservatives and Republicans are coming out for Barack.  This is where he is, as of today:

We're talking to North Korea.

And apparently the Bush administration is proud of the effect it is having.  The Bushies are so happy, in fact, that they've taken North Korea off of the U.S.'s list of states that support

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