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Yes, it was a Political Decision

But it was a politcal decision that every (yes, probably every) candidate in Barack's position would have made.

Obama: Not Making the Same Democratic Candidate Mistakes

Barack has already been doing the Clinton "I feel your pain" economic tour (obviously very important for a guy being painted as aloof and low on substance).

Tax Cut Two-Step

Obama wants to cut taxes for families earning under 150k a year. To help pay for this, he wants to raise taxes on those in higher tax brackets, and on capital gains.

Weekly Town Halls: McCain's 100 Million Dollar Idea

There's one reason why McCain is so vigorously pushing this plan-- he knows that Obama will raise twice the money he will, and he needs a way to help even the playing field.  With Obama having

The Audacity from Hope

Yesterday morning, we allowed ourselves to dream. We allowed ourselves to dream of a Clinton-free political environment.

A Denver Preview?

Those of you who were able to catch the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee in action today saw a bit of what might be in Denver.


"Gotcha!" is yet another political game that I have no patience for anymore.

Consider the following:

Hillary-- Do America a Favor.

The members of have been very polite to Hillary throughout this campaign. Despite the fact that we typically reject her slash-and-burn style of politics, we've done our best to keep our criticisms of her above the belt.

At this point, though, it's getting hard to be polite, to put it mildly. Today, Hillary let out what she's been thinking for some time now-- Obama may be assassinated between now and November, and she wants to be there to get the nomination in case that's what happens.

Thank you, President Bush!

We have some pundits saying that Bush's recent attacks on Barack help John McCain. Bush is still strong on national security issues, and Obama is just out of his league, and the voters need to be reminded of this. That's the theory, anyway.

R.F.O. Going Forward-- let us know what you think!

If you can see this post, it's because you're one of those given permission to see the State Leaders forum. (If I've missed someone you think should be here, let me know.)

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