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Republicans against McCain

About one out of every five voters in the North Carolina and Indiana Democratic primaries said that they would vote for John McCain in the general election.

The Crazier Wright Gets, the Better for Obama?

I think Reverend Wright's most recent words could end up being a gift for Barack. First, they clearly make Wright seem like a self-serving, desperate public figure who's more concerned with himself than with the good of Black America generally. White America (and probably parts of Black America) has gotten sick of these kinds of black "leaders." Wright's now offering us a good contrast to Barack, and is reminding us why Barack has been able to get such cross-racial support.

Hillary looks down on the Average American.*

*Or at least that's what 32% say in a recent, post-"bitter" Gallup poll

By contrast, only 26% say the same about Obama.  My guess is that the further we get from Obama's poor choice of words to his roomful of wealthy donors, this spread between Hillary and Barack will get even larger. 

What Rush Couldn't Do and Can't Do.

For all of his millions of listeners, and for the weeks and weeks spent on the air encouraging Republicans to switch sides and vote for Hillary in the primaries, Rush Limbaugh still couldn't turn the Republican tide in Hillary's favor. The Politico's Jeanne Cummings pointed out the other day, 62 percent of party switchers in Pennsylvania were coming out for Barack.

Bitter Comments

Over the past 25 years, our economy has not benefited lower and middle income Americans anywhere near as much as it has the wealthiest of us. For some reason, though, much of middle America continues to support the Republican party, despite the fact that we've been really bad at making sure our economy benefits everyone who's willing to work hard. Why? Because our party has used cultural themes-- religion, Second Amendment rights, etc.-- to distract voters into thinking that Democrats are necessarily anti-American.

Powell the R.F.O.

If Colin Powell hadn't said that he's still considering all three candidates, I might believe that he's not for Barack.  But for him to tell Diane Sawyer "I know them all very, very well.  I consider myself a friend of each and every one of them," just doesn't seem very forthright.  If he had said that he's trying to decide between Obama and McCain, I could buy into that, but there's no way he's giving Hillary the same consideration he's giving Barack.

Time is not Kind to Hillary

With time, Barack has risen from longshot, to serious contender, to presumptive Democratic party nominee.  Why?  Because the more people hear him and hear what he stands for, the more they like him; the more they feel comfortable with the idea of him as our president. 

Meeting Tomorrow to Discuss the PA Campaign

The New York Obama for President chapter is meeting tomorrow to discuss how we can help Barack capture Pennsylvania. One of the main topics will be getting Republican voters registered as Democrats, so our presense can be especially useful, considering our ability to reach out to GOP voters.

Another topic will be having a possible R.F.O. Fundrasier in Philadelphia in mid-April, right before the primaries.

This is a crucial time for us. Hope to see everyone there! Details follow:

Where: Smoke Jazz Club - 2751 Broadway, bet 105th and 106th

Who's More Conservative Than Jeffrey Hart?

Few people.

Jeffrey Hart joined William F. Buckley at the National Review in 1962 as a book reviewer, and worked his way until he became an editor, a post he still holds today. In case you missed it, the National Review is credited with galvanizing the modern conservative movement. In 1980, Hart became the faculty advisor to the newly-founded Dartmouth Review, where Laura Ingraham was one of the paper's writers and a Hart protégée.

Nobody denies Hart's conservatism.

Posting in the State Leaders blog

Hello all State Leaders:

When you post to the State Leaders Chapter, remember to not make it public. Select the "State Chapter Blog." Also make sure that the "Public" box is not checked!

Remember that this was set up only as a way for us to communicate private and sensitive information to each other.



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