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Talking to the Press -- Some Things to Keep in Mind

As many of you've noticed, a few of our state leaders have been doing a great job reaching out to the press. This is greatly encouraged, and can have a great impact in helping us help Barack. Please just remember to conslut with our Press Officer, Tony, (I think everyone's been doing this so far) before you or any of your state members do any interviews on the organization's behalf. Tony's email is:

R.F.O. Stuff


Make sure people in your state know they can buy R.F.O. stuff from two CafePress stores run by us.  All profits get donated to Obama (although we may start using it to help our own efforts to help Obama.)

This one's run by Ken:

This one's run by Me: 

Issues and Ideas

Few things grate on me more then when a presidential candidate gets on the stump and discusses where he or she now stands on an issue, or talks about his or her latest clever idea to tackle a national problem. After a while you realize that most candidates don’t really stand for anything, other than to just get themselves elected. After a while you get sick of the cutesy ideas that get thrown around every four years, and just want someone who can get the job done.

Mitt Romney Doesn't Support the 2nd Amendment

As he's done with his views on abortion and gay marriage, Mitt Romney has made a 180 turn and now says that he supports the right to bear arms. Last month he told us "I've been a hunter pretty much all my life." We then found out that he had gone hunting once when he was 15 and then again last year with some other Republican Governors, and that's pretty much it. He additionally claimed to have hunted small game "numerous times," but is unable to say anything about what gun he used, when he hunted, or with whom he went hunting.

Who’s More Liberal: Obama or the Republican Front-Runner?

Giuliani has the support of about 30% of our party. If the primaries were held right now, he’d get the nomination.

Here’s what our party’s front-runner had to say yesterday about the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision:

''It would be OK to repeal it. It would be OK also if a strict constructionist viewed it as precedent.''

Dean's Kids +

If some of the early straw polls on college campuses are to be listened to, Obama is the hands-down favorite among the 18-22 crowd. 

There was a point back in ’03 when Howard Dean appeared to have sealed up the Democratic nomination.  Before his Iowa meltdown, he had more money than everyone else, and also had every motivated, anti-war college kid on his side.  Obama has these advantages, without the temperament to cause him to yell at Iowan farmers a few weeks before the caucuses. 

It Doesn't Have to be a Foreign Policy

Yesterday Senator Obama laid out some foreign policy goals for his administration—expand and modernize the military, rebuild fractured alliances, end the war in Iraq. Thankfully, the Senator also discussed foreign aid.

The Imus Effect

I can't say I blame Obama for speaking out against Imus' remarks two weeks ago. On Monday, though, the Senator took it even further, comparing Imus' "verbal violence" to the Virginia Tech murders.

We have a lot of problems, but I'm not sure if you can compare racism, job outsourcing or substandard education to a very sick kid murdering 32 innocent people. We're capable of a lot as a nation, but ensuring the mental health of every last lonely and troubled kid may never be possible.

Two Successful Republicans

Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg has a 72% approval rating among New Yorkers.

Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a 60% approval rating among Californians.

What explains their success? Simple-- they are competent and they realize that some things are just not partisan issues anymore. By "competent" I mean that when they get into office, they start solving the problems that all voters want to have solved-- keep people safe, balance budgets, make government more efficient.

Obama's Money

At some point during Easter dinner last night, where about 14 of the 15 adults were Republicans, Obama became the topic of conversation. We probably got there by first discussing Giuliani, McCain and Fred Thompson, and I know we all had our usual gripes about Hillary, but when we hit Obama and his fundraising totals, nobody had any serious criticisms of him, the way we did with some of the other candidates.

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