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Obama meets with Sharpton, Bloomberg, Gingrich

Today's topic was education reform.  You'd be hard pressed to find a more diverse group of political leaders than these three invitees:

More Loyal Than Specter

I like a lot of things about the Specter defection. First, it shows the Obama administration can work with (and handsomely reward) people who want to cooperate to get stuff done for the nation.

I Know What Dick's Up To

Ross Douthat had a blunt write-up on Dick Cheney yesterday.  He basically says that the GOP had a missed opportunity to show its true stripes during the presidential election.  By running John McCain instead of Tricky Dick II, "real" conservatism didn't get the drubbing it deserves.

Why Obama is Right to Not Prosecute

A lot of people are upset we won't be prosecuting the CIA interrogators who tortured detainees during the Bush years.  (Despite HuffPo's insistence, the New York Times doesn't appear to be in that camp.)

"Harnessing the Power of the Internet"

If you thought the GOP was a political threat before today, the 300 under-attended Tea Parties should really have you shivering in your boots.  It looks like the rump of the conservative movement has finally acknowledged the organizing power of the digital world-- and now they're trying to brag about it.

A Pirate Bailout

With a brave American and a few hundred other people from the civilized world now held captive, I say we just give these pirates whatever they're looking for.  It would take what-- $2, $10, $20 million to get them all free?

Barack Splits the GOP

I'm not sure how many people also saw this, but there was a very telling silence in the days after the AIG bonus outrage among typically angry conservatives.  It was like everyone was looking at each other, reading up on the situation, and trying to figure out what the proper conservative response should be.

Raise your hand if you care about teleprompters.

I'd say we're about a week out from someone telling us that teleprompters are socialists.

Now's a good time for Obama to get that dog.

As David Frum reminded us today, there's a good chance Obama wouldn't sign the AIG tax into law-- if it even gets to that point.  Also discovered today: Laurence Tribe, who taught Obama at Harvard and advised him during the campaign, now says that this proposed tax might be unconstitutional, making this legislation's future even more bleak.  (Is Tribe taking one for the team here?)

How to get booted from with one quick comment.

If there’s anything that bothers me as much as Republican hypocrisy, it’s Democratic hypocrisy. That’s one of the reasons I read every day. While I don’t share their brand of conservatism, I at least know they’re working to keep the other side honest.

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