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Every Legal Step? Really?

Glenn Greenwald over at Salon has a good summary of the administration's doublespeak on the AIG bonuses, and their insistence that nothing can be done to stop them.

Steele the Outcast

Or maybe it's "OutKast."  This is the new GOP, right?

I don't see how this Steele experiment can last much longer.  Just a few days after a leading Republican spokesperson chastised the Chairman for trying to infuse the party with a little hip-hop, Steele's feather-ruffling interview with GQ hit the newsstands.

Downward Spiral a Winner for the GOP?

Republicans want Obama’s presidency to fail. They also claim to be certain that it will fail.  But if they’re really confident that things will end up exactly as they want, then why all the bitching and moaning.

Great news! Limbaugh won't be working as hard from now on.

You heard it here first. Rush Limbaugh will begin taking more days off, will spend less time preparing for his daily radio show, and will generally work less hard to expand and maintain his listening audience.

The Tent Shrinks (Again)

Rush's Jindal denial will further alienate those who occasionally turn to him for guidance.  When our 1st, 2nd, or 3rd best hope for the future of the party comes off like a wet towel, we have an obligation to say so.

Class Warfare

To his partial credit, Rick Santelli did speak out against the bankers' bailout last fall (but spare yourself and just listen to the first few minutes, if you must):

The Hard Lift

By this point it's obvious that Republicans in the House were not voting on the merits of the stimulus(/stimulus +) bill.

The Difference Between Obama's Fear Mongering and Bush's Fear Mongering.

Michelle Malkin (and the entire righty blogosphere) thinks it's cute to call Obama a fear monger for emphasizing how important it is to get a stimulus bill passed quickly.

The GOP is far from "relevant." Check back in a few years.

The Republican party can throw monkey wrenches everywhere they go.  They can even keep trying to embarrass or frustrate Obama and the Democrats as much as they want, but it's not going to help them, and it sure won't help the country.

21 - 2

While most of the country had the Steelers on their minds tonight, I was still thinking about Steele.  There doesn't appear to be as much enthusiasm surrounding his election as I had been hoping for.

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