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What Else Can Obama Do.

It's becoming clear that Congressional Republicans never had any intention of voting for an Obama stimulus bill.  They figured that Barack wasn't serious about compromise and they wanted to try to embarrass him and pit the parties against each other once again.

The Obama Effect

As James Fallows reported a few days ago, the Chinese government cut off its live coverage of the inauguration once President Obama began discussing the virtues of dissent.

Obama Picks Senator Gregg for Commerce

The official announcement will come today, along with an announcement by New Hampshire's Governor, who is expected to name a Republican to Gregg's Senate seat:

Songs in the Key of Tone-Deaf

Politico has a story today about how Saltsman's CD flap may actually help him in the upcoming RNC chair race, due to an inner-party backlash against all the criticism he's been getting.

William White and the Warren Court

I understand why gay rights activists are upset with Obama's invitation to Rick Warren to give the inauguration invocation. The man has a huge following and has used his pulpit to spread some extremely offensive opinions about homosexuality.

Congressman Ray LaHood (R-IL) Picked for Secretary of Transportation

It's already been mentioned on here by a few people, but want to make sure it's officially included as an Obama bipartisan accomplishment:

Real Strength

Think back to 2000-2001.  After Bush lost the popular vote, there was a lot of talk of how he should create a bipartisan administration, due to the fact that he essentially zero mandate.  As we quickly found out, Bush did pretty much the opposite.

Obama selects former Republican Timothy Geithner for Treasury Secretary:

Not a lot has been made of this, but Geithner is a former Republican who got fed up with the way the party was going in the 90's and became an independent. 

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