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President Obama's Fighting Words

Link from CNN. I think many of us-especially those of us who criticized President Obama for being too soft and compromising too much during his presidency-were pleasantly surprised at the sharpness and tone of his remarks yesterday during his speech which pretty much sliced and diced the Ryan-Romney Budget.

More Moderates But Less of a Voice

Link from The Hill. This is a great article by Juan Williams which illustrates what we all know: more and more people are falling into the "moderate" category of politics but our representatives are increasingly portraits of the extremes. The only point I would add from my perspective is that the extremism seems to be much more right-leaning these days.

Is it Morning in America?

Although it makes the Anti-Obama crowd on the right and the Anti-Reagan crowd on the left uncomfortable, it's not difficult to note many similarities between President Reagan and President Obama in areas including governing style, personality and the challenges they faced during their presidencies.

Republican Unity on Ryan Plan is Political Suicide

If NY-26 is not a clear warning bell for Republicans eager to embrace Paul Ryan's Budget Plan, which essentially ends Medicare as we know it, I'm not sure what is.

When Reagan Raised Taxes

I know we have had much discussion on the legacy of President Ronald Reagan here at RFO.

Cutting Spending vs. Cutting the Deficit

Gotta hand it to them. The 2010 GOP campaign slogans were catchy and probably led to increased gains for Republicans in the House and Senate.


Interesting piece from The Hill.

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