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Time for a Timetable?

With the number of U.S. troops wounded and dying not letting up, is it time (as suggested by Feingold in this ABC News article) for President Obama to truly construct an end game/timetable for withdrawl from Afghanistan?

The Good and the Bad

Clearly, there is both good news and bad news for the president in this new NBC News/ WSJ poll.

Fighting The Enemy of Deceit

(From The Briefing Room) The White House has decided to go viral as they fight this powerful health care reform war. In a lengthy email, supporters are asked to help spread the facts to counter all the myths, explain what reform is all about.

GOP Townhall Strategy: Wise or Wacky?

This is a very good article from CQ Politics on the GOP strategy to disrupt town hall meetings. On the face of it all, it appears to be a very effective GOP move to shut down the discussion of health care reform and psychologically appear to represent the majority.

Neda's Spirit Lives

Apparently, the media seemed to focus more on the "beer summit" yesterday than the events in Iran. However, I thought it was important to re-visit the movement which continues to gain momentum in Iran.

True Test

Well, it looks like the next two (2) weeks will be a true test for President Obama as the health care debate heats up and hopeful timelines loom on the horizon. Will an acceptable Health Care Bill be ready before the August recess?

A Message of Disunity

I certainly don’t feel a political party should require that all members voice exactly the same opinion on every issue.  Nor do I think it is a negative to periodically disagree with party leaders on critical issues.  

An Economic Roller Coaster

Ever since the economic meltdown spiraled out of control inSeptember, it seems the stock market and average Americans have beenreluctantly buckled into a wild roller coaster ride of up’s, down’s,

What a Difference a Year Makes

Flashback to the end of the intense Democratic Primary. Remember all of the chatter about the division within the Democratic Party? Hillary supporters would never vote for Barack Obama, right? The deep wounds may never heal within the two political camps.

President Obama Reaches Out to the Muslim World

Today President Obama pressed the re-set button by reaching out to the Muslim World with an impassioned appeal for peace and the importance of finding common ground. Today's big speech (link from CNN) did not disappoint.

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