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A "Pay it Forward" Administration

I know I am getting a bit ahead of myself but I've been reflecting on what the legacy of an Obama Administration would look like. The movie Pay it Forward came to mind. For those of you who have not seen it, I highly recommend it.

Oh, Yeah-- Foreign Policy

It's too bad that the first debate is not about the economy. It will be focused on foreign policy. Could this be a chance for McCain to rebound from his awful week and slip back ahead in the polls?

Are You Ready for Some (Political) Football?

I had to dedicate a post to Tim Russert, born in my hometown of Buffalo, NY and the greatest Bills fan ever.

Obama's Leadership

Compare Obama's response to the hurricane with McCain's. Link

RNC Convention Plans

The RNC is talking about possibly scaling down the convention depending upon the hurricane situation.

Convention Day 3

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts about the convention thus far-Day 3 is behind us, only one to go.

Who Will McCain Select?

Bill Kristol is actually pushing Lieberman.

Ad Battles

First of all, I am amazed at how quickly an ad can be created and released. Talk about timely. Wow.

Just for Fun

As we enter the final moments/days before VP selections are made, I thought it would be fun to put in our last minute picks to have a friendly competition.

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