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Let's Play a Game

I hope this finds you all well and that you're enjoying the start of spring -- and of course golf -- if that happens to be your vice of choice as it is mine.

Obama to Nominate Christ to Supreme Court

President Barack Obama is expected to nominate Jesus Christ, an immigrant originally born to a virgin mother in Bethlehem, to fill the new vacancy on the Supreme Court.

President Obama and NASA

Much is being said and bantered about President Obama's direction for NASA. Because I live in Space City USA (Houston), I get to hear more than I care to these days.

More Reasons for Financial Reform

Did we really need any more reasons for real financial reform?

Relax, We'll Be Fine

David Brooks has published a great op-ed article in The New York Times entitled Relax, We'll Be Fine which struck me for one reason: it is optimistic and upbeat.

An Energy Plan Republicans Should Love

It looks like the socialist, anti-American mastermind is at it again.  Just tens days after delivering healthcare reform, President Obama has surprised friend and foe alike with a plan to allow for offshore drilling.

Yes WE Did and WE Don't Quit!

Link from AP. I'm usually a blogger of many words (perhaps too many) but all I can say at this moment as we watch history in the making is...

The Lobbyist Who Should Count the Most

From CNN. With all of the special interest lobbyists swarming Washington in these final days before a vote on Health Care Reform, perhaps this little lobbyist's voice should matter the most.

A Final Bipartisan Gesture on Health Care Reform

From MSNBC. In one last symbolic outreach ahead of a final package and vote on comprehensive health care reform, President Obama has embraced four (4) key areas suggested by Republicans during the Health Care Summit, even though he knows he won't be rewarded with one GOP vote.

Why is this a 'Jobs Bill?'

Both and The Drudge Report are referring to the $15 billion measure that was voted on yesterday as a 'Jobs Bill.'  They put those quotes around those words-- not me.

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