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Real Americans

The media obsession with Sarah Palin has left me reflecting on her dangerous philosophy and beliefs and desire to divide, rather than unite, us. I began to think back to her references about "Real Americans" and how illogical her whole argument is.

Major Hasan is a Terrorist. So what.

For the past week we've all been trying to decide how to characterize Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Some want to paint him as a loner who's just generally upset at the world.  Others want to portray him as a military psychiatrist gone bad, unable to deal with the countless war stories he's heard.

Dede Scozzafava: A Lesson to Moderates?

From MSNBC. Dede Scozzafava speaks out (tears and all) in this Washington Post article about what she experienced in her campaign for NY-23.

Still Fired Up!

I know it's been a full year since the election of our first African American President but I still get goose bumps when I think about that night.

A Matter of Honest Reflection

As most of you know, a former Marine turned diplomat resigned in protest over the war in Afghanistan. No matter what your views on this war, I think we can all respect this man for having the integrity to make this very difficult decision.

Failed TARP Executives and Their Supporters

Last week, the administration cut executive pay at the seven largest TARP companies.  You can argue that this move is just symbolic and does nothing to address the need for more regulation, but most seem to agree that this was nevertheless a good idea.

Chicken Soup for the Reformer's Soul

Another chilly day in Buffalo, so I have warm chicken soup on my mind...

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