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Billionaires' Surtax Would Affect Just 1% of Small Businesses

As it now stands, payroll taxes are set to go up at the end of the year. This impending hike would cost the typical American family almost $1000 next year, and would certainly impede the economy's path to recovery.

Shocking: Republicans Used to Care About the Debt

When members of our party advocate for more tax cuts for the rich, you often hear them bring up the Kennedy tax cuts of the early 60's. If a guy like Kennedy understood the wisdom of cutting taxes back then, they argue, everyone today should be on board. Tax cuts spur the economy and raise revenues, or so the theory goes.

Occupy Wall Street at 2 Months

I work next door to Foley Square, just blocks away from Zuccotti Park. For the past two months I've occasionally walked by the protestors, but haven't paid that much attention. I've never been a fan of extremist politics of any kind, so I've been fine with just reading about the Occupiers rather than engaging any of them. Now that Bloomberg has raised the stakes and the movement seems to be growing, however, I want to see where this all ends up.

"Zero Difference" Between Romneycare & Obamacare

This should already be clear, but it's still nice to be reminded. Jonathan Gruber, an MIT Professor and an architect of Obamacare, has some choice words about Mitt Romney and other Republicans with regard to their shifting stances on healthcare reform.

Veteran's Day

On Veterans Day, it’s a time to give thanks. To pause and recognize the contributions of the more than 23 million veterans who served our nation.

The Three GOP Candidates Who Should Bow Out Now

Bachmann, Cain and that other guy.

Don't get me wrong-- there is a real benefit to keeping these wackjobs in the game. The longer they're out there campaigning, facing the media and flubbing things up in debates, the more voters are exposed to just how crazy the Republican party has become. For whatever reason, there's this feeling by many on the right that the nuttier a candidate is, the better. If nothing else, I hope this campaign teaches us a lesson, and we do more to vet and shut the nuts out from the start. 

Another Republican Stands Up to Norquist

Last week, I posted about Congressman Reid Ribble of Wisconsin, and how he won't sign the Grover Norquist tax pledge ever again.

This week, I highlight Idaho Republican Mike Simpson. Like Ribble, Simpson is willing to stand up to Norquist and speak the truth; our government is spending too much money, yes, but it is also taking in too little. He layed out these facts, and what they mean, yesterday on Fox News Sunday:

Don't Just Read the Constitution

Ron Paul is always referencing the Constitution. Tea Party types and right wingers are always telling us to "read the Constitution." There is quite a difference between reading the words, and understanding the scope of the document written by our Founding Fathers.  

Majority of Republicans see Income Inequality as a Problem

This month's Hill poll highlights some of the nuanced views among Republicans and conservatives. For example, 57% of Republicans say that the middle class in the U.S. is shrinking. Even better, almost two-thirds of us think that income inequality is either a "big problem" or somewhat of one.

Perry's Voodoo Revenue Plan

Surprise! According to Rick Perry, now is the time for drastic tax cuts. Although the governor's postcard tax plan means trillions in lost revenue, Perry is still convinced he can balance the federal budget within seven years of becoming president. 

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