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Ray LaHood Calls Out Fellow Republicans

Unless you've been living under a rock over the past 2 1/2 years, you know that the #1 thing on the Republican Party's agenda is beating President Obama and making his life miserable. It won't put anybody back to work, or pay for increased infrastructure spending, but it's still nice to hear a fellow Republican articulate what's been obvious to every Obama supporter:

Cain Has No Idea

You got to hand it to that 9-9-9 tax plan. It has sure helped the Hermanator rocket to the top of the polls! The plan is so elegantly simple, it's no wonder it has caught on so well among Republican voters. Under 9-9-9, anyone, from multinational corporation to mom and pop business owner, to modest family of four will be able to dump their accountants, sit down with their smart phone's calculator, and figure out their tax liability in a matter of minutes, saving everyone a big chunk of change and a few headaches along the way.

Republicans Won't Budge on Taxes. Again.

The Budget Supercommittee was a good idea-- in theory at least. Put a handful of legislators in a room, away from public scrutiny and let them reach a grand compromise on reducing our enormous budget deficit. In practice, it's turning out to be the same old.

Romney Does His Best Tough Guy Impression

If you listened to Mitt Romney's foreign policy speech today, you'd think the guy was trying to turn this election into the election of 1980. Back then, America had just gone through a decade of foreign policy embarassments, and our hostages were still stuck in Iran, as Jimmy Carter looked helplessly on. Reagan promised a more robust foreign policy, lead by a military buildup that was sure to make the U.S. respected around the world.

Traditional Republicanism and Obama (why we support him)

Today's Republican party, by way of the Tea Party, has strayed far from its traditional roots. We were the party of racial equality, rights for women, advocates of providing some basic civil rights to prisoners of war, adequate taxation, and believed in what Teddy Roosevelt called the 'square deal' where everyone sacrifices a little and gets a little and goes away at least somewhat satisfied.

Temporary Tax Cuts: Only the Rich Are Worthy

As Suzi pointed out over the weekend, the Republicans have finally found tax cuts they don't like. They're currently fighting to raise payroll taxes on working Americans, a move that would go into effect in a matter of months. What's behind the Republicans' logic? That Obama's plan to extend (and deepen) the payroll tax cut is temporary. It's better to raise taxes on American families now, the Republicans argue, than to raise them in the future, when these cuts would most likely expire. 

Line In The Sand?

Is President Obama forcing the Republican Party to draw their line in the sand, or is he drawing his?? Possibly both!!

Tax Cuts for the Rich? Good. Tax Cuts for the Middle Class? Wasteful.

Remember when all Republicans believed all tax cuts spurred economic growth, increased revenues, and promoted good old fashioned economic liberty? (You know, back before last Thursday?) Yeah, well those days are long gone. Now that the only tax cuts on the table are aimed at the middle class, providing workers and families with much-needed tax relief, we're beginning to learn that not all tax cuts are created equal.

9/11 Ten Years Later.

None of us will ever forget where we were, or what we were doing on September 11, 2001.  Neither will we forget the shock and horror of that day, and the days and months that followed.

The "New" GOP

The current GOP has strayed far from its traditional roots. Yet most Republicans today have no idea of what the party has traditionally stood for. They question us and our motives, accuse us of not being "real" Republicans. What they fail to grasp is they are the ones who are not real Republicans, in the truest sense of the word. The same applies to many on the liberal side, who think real Republicanism is the party we see today.

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