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Obama to Propose Even More Tax Cuts. GOP Still Not Happy.

We're still a day away from the unveiling of stimulus 2.0, and Obama's critics are already out there confusing their supporters. As usual, the President's proposal will again be chock full of tax cuts, but you'd never know that by listening to the Republican leadership.

Perry-- Maybe Not the Greatest Debater

Looks like we have something to watch out for during the September 7th (or whenever it will be) Republican debate. The Governor didn't agree to any general-election debates when he ran for reelection last year, and has a reputation of being a weak debater.

In a Field this large, There's Room for Huntsman

I don't get people who say that Jon Huntsman's strategy won't work-- as if other GOP candidates have found a clear path to the nomination. Reasonable Republicans are still out there, and we want someone to say out loud what we've been privately thinking for years. Millions of us voted for Obama and still support him. Millions more held our noses and voted for McCain, despite his running mate.

The "Hard-Working" Rich

For those who are so quick to loudly defend the wealthy, preferring to call them "the successful" while not even offering a whisper for the plight of the poor:

All wealth in America comes from two sources: Lifetime earnings and savings, and inheritance. Larry Summers and Laurence Kotlikoff analyzed these two sources of wealth and figured out the percentages that came from each.

Obama Will Win By Defending the Safety Net

There's a rumor going around that Obama wants to face Rick Perry in the general election. At first this seems counter-intuitive-- the Governor is agressive, has a somewhat-positive record on jobs, and has already been christened as the candidate who can get the support of various wings of the Republican Party.

Conservative Backlash Against Perry?

That was quick. Support for anti-cancer vaccines for young girls, toll roads, and a pan-American currency are all conservative complaints being leveled at the candidate of the hour.

I'll Vote for Rick Perry

Although Bachmann will probably win Iowa, and Romney will likely win New Hampshire, there's no doubt that Rick Perry will be a strong candidate throughout the primaries. Sure, the man has created a ton of government jobs in Texas and is responsible for a $27 billion budget shortfall, but our party's fringe will never be swayed by such minor details.

ALEC, Koch & the USA

November. 2, 2010 saw a radical group of Republicans swept into office in states across the country, and in Washington DC. When legislative sessions began in January, many were stunned by the tenacity of this new breed of the Grand Old Party as it began the process of breaking public employee unions, dismantling state governments and privatizing civic services.

Obama Offered Entitlement Reform & Revenue Increases

And John Boehner walked away.

Here's an excerpt from the depressing, humiliating and completely unavoidable press release put out by Standard & Poor's just moments ago:

McConnell: "Perfect is not Achievable"

Mitch McConnell is just realizing this now, a week from disaster. All this time, all he and his fellow Dr. Frankensteins have been doing is stoking the flames and getting Tea Partiers' hopes up. Now that reality is approaching, the Tea Party is upset! (Not that I care.

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