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Charlie Dent (R) Gets an Education

I'm so used to hearing the Republican party line coming out of D.C., I forget that middle America doesn't always fall for the baloney they feed us.

How You Seek My Vote

Written by Tim Valentine

This question and essay is intended for members of the Republican Party, Tea Party and all who support and/or agree with their efforts.

The Only Republican Beating Obama

There hasn’t been a drop of good economic news in months, yet miraculously, only one Republican candidate leads Obama in the polls.

Where are the Women?

A big thanks to Anthony Weiner for keeping his withering career alive. It gives us all lots of time to reflect on just how stupid people in high places are capable of behaving.

Republican Unity on Ryan Plan is Political Suicide

If NY-26 is not a clear warning bell for Republicans eager to embrace Paul Ryan's Budget Plan, which essentially ends Medicare as we know it, I'm not sure what is.

When Reagan Raised Taxes

I know we have had much discussion on the legacy of President Ronald Reagan here at RFO.

Raise My Retirement Age

Social Security is not in the same boat of trouble Medicare is, but it could still use some shoring up.

My Favorite Parts of the Ryan Plan

I’m glad Rep. Ryan put together his proposal. I agree with those who think it could lead to some serious conversation about our budget problems.

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