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Great article from The Atlantic on how Repulicans have made partisan politics worse, and how Obama can transcend and heal.

Too far left?

An article of interest for swing voters: Steingart  points out the dangers of Obama and others overemphasizing the need for increased welfare state and increased tax revenue. He believes that elections "are not won at the center ... but slightly right of center."

Debate thoughts

If you missed the debate last night, you can catch highlights at

Here's a summary of the candidates:

Obama was lucid and intelligent, and not afraid to call the mods on a couple of silly, illogical questions. He did go on the offensive against Hillary, although Edwards really took the lead in that department. Obama had a couple of very funny moments that really let his personality show, though in trying to be funny he slipped up a bit and ended up with a rare personal attack against Romney (though you could argue that "Mitt started it").

MSNBC October Debate

Don't forget to watch Obama in the MSNBC debate tonight. Barack has hinted that he'll ramp up the offensive against Clinton. But Howard Fineman suggests Barack will need to plan his attack carefully in order to prevent Hillary from playing the victim-of-mudslinging card.

The debate will be aired on MSNBC at 9 Eastern. Or if you don't have cable or are away from your TV, it'll be streamed live at

Not so fast...

So is Hillary running away with the nomination? The pollsters and media want you to think so, but as one of my favorite sports commentators likes to say, "Not so fast, my friends..."

There's a great article this week that explains just why you can't put too much faith in Hillary's lead, even as enormous as it is.

RFO in the news

This week I had to opportunity to assist reporters in two interviews.  One was for CBS/Chicago's Channel 2 News and one was for Medill News Service radio network.


I don't get many opportunities to post online, but I just wanted to make note of the these interviews and encourage everyone else out there to keep spreading the word. 


Hope revisited

This guy sums it up pretty well, at least for me: "Trying Times for the Obama Faithful."

I don't know how anybody else feels, but I'll admit it: I've lost hope. I can't even bring myself to read up on the headlines anymore. Hillary has run away with the nomination and it looks as if there's no turning back.

MSNBC September debate

Just finished watching the MSNBC democratic debate.

Hillary clearly knows she's the frontrunner and acts the part. She nearly moderated the debate herself, interrupting Tim Russert and redefining questions as she wished. Perhaps this kind of behavior will turn off some voters, but for now she's polling far ahead of Obama and Edwards.

Obama turned in another strong overall performance, and he ably handled a potentially awkward question about his smoking habit.

If you missed the debate you can see clips on

Enter Thompson

Rasmussen Reports shows Thompson picking up the lead in GOP polling now that he's formally entered the race. From the RealClearPolitics trend it looks like Thompson support has risen at the expense of Romney and Giuliani.

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