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N.Y. GOP Congressman urges women to give their money to Democrats

By wcolin - Posted on 22 March 2012

Republican Congressman Richard Hanna of New York seems to be one of the few Republicans to stand up for women in the face of widespread GOP craziness. Speaking at a rally for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment some 40 years after receiving the congressional OK, Hanna criticized his own party for its obvious campaign to take away women's rights, and advised women to "contribute your money to people who speak out on your behalf, because the other side-- my side-- has a lot of it. And you need to send your own message (to GOP politicians)."

New York is one of 35 states that has already ratified the ERA; three more are needed for it to become part of the United States Constitution. Most of the states that have not ratified the ERA are, not surprisingly, in the south, although President Obama's home state of Illinois is one of 15 states that have not ratified it.

When Brandon and others question how "Republican" we are here, this story should provide some guidance for the answer. Moderate Republicans everywhere are frustrated with the party, even elected officials who are resorting to encouraging women to donate to the "enemy." I guess you can call it tough love. We are speaking out against what our party has become in the hope of saving it from falling off the cliff, which Republican leaders seem determined to do.

I want to make a correction about the ERA... the deadline for ratification expired in 1982. So the 35 states that originally ratified the amendment would have to do it again, along with three other states, for it to become part of the Constitution.

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