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Auto Industry Booming

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 03 April 2012

Link from CNBC. This is good news unless you bet against the Auto Industry and your intitials are MR.

Ford Motor had the best March for new-vehicle sales in the U.S. in five years, and AutoNation raised its forecast for sales for the whole year, in what may be a strong sign of recovery for the auto industry.


Philippe Desmazes | AFP | Getty Images

Ford Americas President Mark Fileds told CNBC on Tuesday that the sales performance was due to pent-up demand, the mild weather and demand for fuel-efficient cars.

AutoNation announced that March retail new vehicle unit sales increased 15 percent compared with the same month of last year and that sales in the first quarter increased 13 percent from the first quarter of 2011.

The results were so good, CEO Mike Jackson told CNBC, that the dealer raised its sales forecast for the whole year.

Its shares rose 2 percent in pre-market trading.

And we are exporting GM autos to China, which is helping our trade balance sheet. We still have a long ways to go before our balance of trade sheet become positive again, as it was back in the heyday when we actually had a large manufacturing base, and before the Far East boomed.

And to those who said we should let the auto industry go belly up (are you listening Mitt?) you were, and ARE, wrong, wrong, wrong. The taxpayers have been paid back; more than 1 million direct jobs, and close to 8 million ancillary jobs, have been saved. These are all taxpaying citizens, contributing to the tax base of the country. And increasing our automobile EXPORTS is a good thing. For the life of me, I don't see much down side to the auto industry bailout, except maybe for the fact that Ford didn't need the bailout, but had to accept the $$$ anyway. They, of course, paid back the treasury too.

Mittens expressed that the Government should  have allowed  the housing market hit bottom along with letting the automobile industry implode!!---- On both fronts, he was majorly WRONG!!--- This tells me that in the midst of a crisis Romney will find the easy way out by calling for the problem to be completely render null and void and seeing serious issues as disposable!---  In his business practice, any company that did not thrive or was in a crisis, he stepped in, got rid of the problem and profited off of the end result of the crisis!! ---- This does not make him a problem solver; it makes Mitten an opportunist who will benefit off of a  catastrophe. It is easy to sell people a story ( lie)  when we are in a crisis as oppose to a non crisis. Being a problem solver is challenging but being an eliminator requires very little  decision making skills.


Right now the GOP  is tryig to sell to the American people that the economy is failing and Obama has created a mess ( although the facts proves differently), so that people will panic and buy their malarky !!   

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