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Kentucky Governor's Priorities

By Kim Miller - Posted on 26 May 2012

Gov. Brownback of Kentucky signed into law a bill banning Shariah and other foreign laws from state courts. Okay, so.... it includes verbiate like:  "administrative agencies or state tribunals can't base rulings on any foreign law or legal system that would not grant the parties the same rights guaranteed by state and U.S. constitutions" but I suspect that's just to avoid throwing it out for being unconstitutional (but I'm no lawyer...)  And it doesn't single out Islamic law by name, however -

"... supporters have worried specifically about Shariah law being applied in Kansas court cases, and the alliance says on its website that it wants to protect Americans' freedoms from "infiltration" by foreign laws and legal doctrines, "especially Islamic Shariah Law."

Read more:

Let me get this straight: Kentucky has no issues that are more pressing to fix than a fear of some other culture's laws MIGHT be used in U.S. court decisions?  I can't find any source on the web that says there have actually BEEN cases where foreign law was used but the state finds it important to pass a law to avoid such just in case.

I'm afraid blue monkeys might invade City Hall.  Can we pass a law that will make that illegal?


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