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Class Warfare? I think not!

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 30 May 2012

The average wage has not risen in over 30 years, while productivity has skyrocketed. The wealth generated by that increase in productivity has all been pocketed by the very rich. If that wealth were distributed as pay increases to workers, those workers would be able to spend that money on anything from household goods to college educations to investments, and the economy would be much more robust.

Instead that money gets pathologically squirreled away in overseas tax havens. Nobody is hired with it. It represents the sweat and labor and sacrifice of hundreds of millions of workers who skip their kids little league game or work over a weekend or innovate to improve their company in good faith. And it's hoarded by the super-wealthy for no better reason than endless, insatiable greed.

If you don't get that, then you're working against your own best interests. You're shaping a less hopeful, more limited future for your grandkids. You're limiting your quality of life right now, and making it harder for your kids to attend college.

This kind of hoarding of wealth has happened before throughout history, and it has never ended well for the ultra-wealthy. Each time they think "I'm above the concerns of the rabble." Each time they have been wrong.

True dat, Suzi, but my fear is protection of Super PAC's that I'm not sure existed - at least not to the current degree - in the past.  They're circling their wagons full of dollars as we speak.

The very rich hoarding wealth is one of the big reasons for the last recession... putting $$$ into their pockets, instead of hiring workers. This puts a lie to traditional GOP orthodoxy of "give the rich more money, and they will hire more workers and improve the economy." The Bush tax cuts were first enacted in 2001 and, it's been 10-11 years since then (the cuts were re-upped several times) but where are the jobs? India? China? Certainly NOT in America. I realize that Wall street greed, leading to the housing collapse, certainly contributed mightily to the recession, but again, this was the wealthy getting richer, while the rest of the population suffered.

Unless we can do something to head off the middle class slide into oblivion, America may descend into third world status. It's not all our own fault... the situation in Europe has also slowed our own recovery.

I agree 100% with your thoughts. I mean, how come the average wage of ordinary worker would remain the same over the years when the productivity rates are continuously increasing. I hope this is something the government would focus on. I am writing an essay and I think this would be a great topic. I should probably skip for this activity.

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