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Mitt Would Save $5 Million Per Year Under His Tax Plan

By John Martin - Posted on 04 June 2012

According to research by the liberal-leaning Citizens for Tax Justice and the conservative-leaning Tax Foundation, President Romney would save around $5 million bucks next year under his tax plan in comparison to the plan put forward by President Obama.

While Obama's plan gives priority to paying down our ballooning debt and rolling back rates to where they were during the booming 90's (but still way under what they were in the booming 50's or booming 60's), Romney prefers to remain fiscally irresponsible. Instead, he thinks it's ok to saddle our children with higher taxes, to the benefit of the already-wealthy, some of whom pay no federal taxes.

As we debate the merits of Mitt's plan, I'd like to see him provide voters with a breakdown of how he spent the last $5 million he earned. Maybe then we'd get an idea of where this money goes in the real world, and get a clearer picture of how many American jobs are created when the wealthy get unnecessary tax breaks.

The sad part is that $5 million is chump change to Romney. The Romney's are just so out of touch and I think there is endless evidence of this to highlight in ads if Team Obama chooses to.

Where to begin?

-"I'm not concerned about the very poor"

-"We should let the housing market hit rock bottom"

-"If you are struggling to pay for college, ask your dad for a $10,000 loan."

-"Do you want to make a $10,000 bet, Rick Perry?"

Obviously, it's not uncommon for a politician to be rich and it certainly does not make him a bad guy, but some seem to "feel our pain" (like the Kennedy's) better than others (like Romney) and that IS important in choosing a President.

Romney is not exactly known as a rebel so we can assume he will just reward his big donors and sign off on conservative ideas like bigger tax cuts for himself and his buddies and less regulation even if it means screwing the middle class. The guy has no spine and has flip flopped on every major position he has ever had.

I think the big thing that has turned me off to the modern GOP is their loyalty to Norquist over common sense. It's the fake desire to decrease the deficit while knowing full well renewing the Bush tax cuts will only make our deficit worse. It's having no problem cutting teachers, police officers, and social workers as well as programs for food stamps to pay for insane tax cuts for the richest of the rich like Romney. And worse, it's that they are not ashamed of it or hiding their intentions any longer. Makes me sick and embarrassed to have an R next to my registration. I try to be optimistic that Moderate, common sense Republicans might have a voice again in the future, but that hope fades with each passing day.

The party is done. If we're ever going to get another center-right party in this country, it's not likely to be the GOP, I'm sad to say. 

Moderate republicans have been booted out of the party so they go by the name independents now! They [moderate republicans] are too smart for their own good to want to do good for the country in the name of love and they try to work common sense and compromise into the party! How SINFUL?! The audacity of patriotic citizens!!
Moderate republicans have been booted out of the party so they go by the name independents now! They [moderate republicans] are too smart for their own good to want to do good for the country in the name of love and they try to work common sense and compromise into the party! How SINFUL?! The audacity of patriotic citizens!!

I worked for Romney in Massachusetts. The first thing he did was take nothing away and gave the Troopers Union whatever they asked for. He then went on to lay off mental health workers, social workers, librarians and teachers. He attcked with the "I love to fire people mode" I  was working for the State Police and and I never saw or heard much from Mitt because he avoided people he was ruling over. Most of his communication was the nightly news. The lies I can not take. One lie is reason not to vote for any person with the highest position in the free world, and it is sad the people don't care if Romney's best trait is deception, lies and fantasy.

Thanks for the site!

 I wish more people would come forward who worked for Mitt Romney!! lol-- thank you for that insight. He definitely seems like a manipulator. What I am disgusted with is every time Obama says something that is misinterpreted by the right wing and GOP, the media both right and left says that the President gave the Republicans a "Gift" to rejoice over. When he tries to clarify himself, he is accused of back peddling or back walking!! Lets be clear! The President is not infinitely perfect; therefore, he is GOING to make some mistakes!! However, every small petty, trivial, minor and frivolous error he makes, the Republicans are having a celebratory party and blowing it out of proportion!!-- Unfortunately, Obama’s supporters (including some of us lol) buy into this “he made a major gaffe" syndrome!! Why are constantly buying into the media hype and MANIC behavior of the Right Wing?? However, if President Obama catches Romney’s gaffes or lies, then President Obama is accused of attacking Romney and distracting away from the economy!! What a double standard. The Republicans and Romney get to make fun of the President and call his errors out, but OH NO! --Please don’t attack poor MITT Romney! He is too fragile to take the garbage he dishes out!! Him and his childish crew!! Ughh!!

Seriously. The lies Romney-Ryan are peddling are out of this world ridiculous. And I do agree Barack's supporters sometimes hardly sound like supporters at all. They get all lost in the republican right wing smoke screen and they lose sight of the bottom line. Bottom line is Romney-Ryan is a bad combo for the country in this universe or any other universe at any given time. This ticket is unbelievably sad. Romney was pathetic alone as a candidate and then they tacked Ryan on. How badly do these fools (yes, fools!) want this country to be ruined? Like the medicare lies were not bad enough, I saw the video they made to swiftboat Barack on giving the orders to get Osama. You cannot rob us of fact fools because we were all here to witness it all in person, no hearsays. Barack's speech and all. Barack gave the difficult orders (put all his political capital on the line) to our military and intelligence community and they got Osama. Yes, Barack does deserve some credit and he continues to give credit and yes when this happened it sealed my vote permanently for Barack. It took guts on everyone's part including Barack's. If he did not give the orders as commander-in-chief, the orders Bush Cheney could not give even when Osama was right under their noses, Osama will still be walking this earth and thumping our noses with this stick. Osama is gone! Kaboom, gone! Thanks in a big way to OBama being the gutsy commander-in-chief. No stupid swiftboating ad will and could change that history EVER! Not even if they pay enough "former" navy seals to do such. I could not even believe one of the former navy seals that made the video told the truth when Smerconish asked him and then he must have realized and tried to twist the truth to support the lies in the video. He claimed he did not hate Barack because he "donated to Barack's campaign during the 2008 primaries" (not general elections). Guess what? Lots of republicans who hated Hilary donated to her campaign in the primaries too. That does not excuse you from using your "former" navy seal status to help smear our commander-in-chief who went ahead and did the right thing despite his advisors warning him not to. Very gutsy call and I will vote for Barack 10 times over because I am beyond confident of his steady fingers on that button when he gets that 3am call! That is what the commander-in-chief does. And yes, all war time presidents in the past have gottem credits. Bush-Cheney claimed more credit even when there was no credit to be claimed. "Mission accomplished?!"

This is the absolute shame for voter suppression--- here is a retired Us Veteran with a Veteran ID who can't vote. The madness!!!/photo.php?fbid=401018706606668&set=a.340869425954930.76217.340335776008295&type=1&theater

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