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Soul Searching

By David Sayers - Posted on 11 July 2012

Hello, guys. It has been a long time, and I apologize for being away. I am still behind enemy lines here in Nebraska, working on seeing if maybe we can give Obama a secong electoral vote. He won't take the state, but it would be sweet to hold Omaha and flip Lincoln (50-50 based on what I see on the ground).

The last few years have been washes of extreme highs and lows with a lot of soul searching. The direction of the Republican party has flipped everything I believed on my ear, and the extreme right shift in a very short period of time has been stunning. It kind of feels as though I lost my best friend and puppy at the same time. I came to realize that the current state of the party made it impossible to continue to support them, and the local party was even worse than the national party, and I knew that I could not continue to fake it. I felt like continuing as I was going, especially since local party change was impossible, could not happen, much as you cannot continue to visit a restaurant that makes you sick every time you order. Because of this, about a year after the election, I chnaged my registration from Republican to Democrat. Now, I will never be a far lefty, and instead are more in line with someone like Ben Nelson, but this is part of why I was absent.

I wasn't sure what to do. I was one of the bloggers here, and felt guilty since I was no longer really an "RFO," but I had to change for my own sanity. Anyway, that is the source of my long absence, and I hope you guys still want this former Republican around. Now, if the Republican party ever joins the 20th century and drops all the not so subtle code words, I will come "home," but until then, they have lost me.

David S.

There are times when I, too, feel that as a moderate Republican I am involved in some sort of historical re-enactment, like people who dress up as Renaissance courtiers or civil war soldiers to act and talk like people who no longer exist.   I attach a lot of the irrationality to right wing racial fears (the black President... worst night mare) let loose and then channeled into just blind irrational animosity.  Glad to read you today. Looking forward to more.

Hey David,

I completely understand. For the reasons you list, lots of sane people have left the party. It's sad to lose you to the other side! 

Of course we still want you around. I know a few decent Democrats.


Thanks, John. I hope I can come back to the party someday once they find their soul again

Well as a Democrat, I welcome you , and I am sure it was not easy to switch. But I think you will find that moderates from both side can work together and find a lot of common ground. I haven't been on here because I have been busy and FB is so much faster when commenting. But I know once we get closer to the election, I will be around more. I hope for yours and other moderates that your party does come back around, not just for you but for all of us. The extreme way they have become is not helping anyone.  

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