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Miss the old format

By choose hope - Posted on 23 August 2012

I miss being able to find the list of forums to see what are current topics/recent posts.  The home page seems more static and less dynamic since it looks the same.  Am I missing something?

How is Suzi doing?  I haven't heard since the thread she was ill.

Couple things I want to share:

1. Listen to the Irish President taking on a tea-partier here

2. This quote from an Australian professor who specializes in the biology of sexual conduct reacting to Akin's comment about rape

On a more serious note, Brooks wrote: "What strikes me about the anachronistic attitudes of evangelicals and their Republican puppets to abortion, contraception, family planning, female economic empowerment and feminism in general, is just how unambiguously male these attitudes are.

"An entire political party in one of the most advanced and educated countries on earth has become a caricature of the most basal evolved insecurities about masculinity. They seem terrified of losing control over the means of reproduction and petrified of cuckoldry," he said.

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