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All New Members...

By Golf11 - Posted on 04 June 2008

Introduce yourselves here. We're seeing lots of new names and we'd love to know where you're from and any other details, like how your stumbled upon our little corner of the world.

Golf, I second that!  I love seeing all of the new RFOers that are joining us.  I hope you will find this a great place to share ideas and thoughts, and unite in our support of Barack Obama.

I'm Suzi, and I live in southern Louisiana. 


This is fantastic!

I thought I was the only Republic that felt Obama represents real leadership in fiscal, foreign and domestic policies, policies that truly reflect the American people and the American dream. I believe Obama's ideas as well as his espoused values and concern for his country are heartfelt and sincere.

Like Frank below, I am tired of the failed policies and rhetoric of my own party. I not quite ready to abadon the party, but I am ready for a smart leader.

Does anyone have any idea how many members belong to this site?


We have somewhere around 2000 members. We've been around since January 2007, and slowly but surely we're growing in numbers.


My guess would be that we have grown quite a lot in the last week, judging by the new posters that I see.
and counting, make that 2000 and one, I'm a kiwi as as far as change goes I welcome it. My question to Bushy Bas*ard is!! WHO MADE BUSH?   Bush needs to feel normal, well, NOT IN MY NAME....
Hi Kiwi, welcome to RFO.  If you notice, that number was from the primary era.  We have grown a lot since then. 

Change....Why just now? I am totally disappointed. is a liability. I just joined this site about 5 minutes ago. I am a hard core republican but not to a core where I will cheer up to their misleading political ambitions. I thought of not voting but realized that why not be an American and go and have the liberty to believe and pursue. Right now, I hear nothing but trash talking mostly from McCain's's too childish. He is making Obama look more honorable. I'm too disappointed. And about the drilling, I just found out that he is being funded by oil lobbyists. And Palin's was written by Bush's assistants. I'm tired of this. I'm a veteran and it is pissing me off. Knowing that my PTSD caused by the Iraq war was somewhat a misleading cause. 

But for now... Obama is my guy.

TexasLonghorns? Oh, dear. As if the LSU fans here weren't bad enough.



Hello Longhorn. So I take it you're another one that was turned away by Palin? Or were you already supporting Obama before. I can't believe how many vets don't support McCain. That's really telling.

Welcome Longhorns! Stick around and see why thousands of well informed and serious Republicans have committed to Obama as well.

a) Thank you for serving our country. 
b) Welcome to the site.  (I'm new here as well.)
c) I am glad you're exercising your right to vote.
d) I hope you heal from experience in Iraq.

Wishing (and praying) the best for you.


Go Texas Longhorns!!!!

Felicia - Texas

My name is Cheryl, I live in Maryland. I found this site a few days ago. I'm grew up in a Republican household hearing stories about a great great uncle named Abe Lincoln. I hate to say it but it's not his party anymore, we need to take it back.

Absolutely, AGrandmother. Welcome to the site.

Wow!  Abe Lincoln's own flesh and blood!  It's an honor to have you here, M'am and if you want to take your party back, you came to the right place!  I'm sure Uncle Abe would be proud! 

Welcome and I'm looking foward to posting with you.  :)

I do not mean to miss lead anyone. I am not a direct descendent of Lincoln, I strongly suspect he was actually some kind of cousin rather than actually an uncle (everyone over the age of consent were referred to as aunt or uncle to us kids as a sign respect. Yes, I was a very confused child. I also strongly suspect we are from the Todd side of the family (my family is also very shady on the family/in-law line. Neither are their any “half-siblings” in our family, the idea that one can be related to only half a person seemed ridiculous to my mother) as the stories related to me as a child came from our grandmother who heard them from Mary Todd in her later years. It seems unlikely that Abe’s family decedents stayed that close to her. Also… one of my sisters is the spitting image of Mary Todd.


However I feel the legacy I inherited from him is more important than genetics. Hearing Grandmother relate the stories Mary told of her husband, of his integrity, his high ideals, his dedication to ethics. And his love of raunchy jokes. It appears they embarrassed Mary and were her biggest complaint of him. But what stuck with me strongest is the stories of his belief that honesty, respect, and compassion were paramount. But most important that although he never tried to push his moral beliefs on others, words are meaningless with out action. That if you are not willing to live as you preach you should stop talking.

 I think it’s time for the “righteous right” to follow that advice.

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that with us! What a treat to be able to just sit here and listen to the story of the man and to hear of the legacy he shared with you through your grandmother.

"And his love of raunchy jokes. It appears they embarrassed Mary and were her biggest complaint of him.."

This was something I didn't see comin'. Make's him all the more endearing - my dad was exactly the same way and my mom responded just like Mary... :)

BTW: My father-in-law's family calls everyone over the age of consent Aunt or Uncle instead of cousin... Needless to say, I'm still not clear on who is actually a cousin and who is an Aunt or Uncle at family functions. Imagine my surprise when my husband's Aunt Judy passed and I was expressing my sympathy to my father-in-law... It wasn't until then that he explained that she wasn't his sister, but rather his cousin, so I can see how it can be very confusing.

I bet Abe is looking down on his party and just shaking his head. Hopefully it's not too late to take it back!




Lincoln was cut from a higher cloth. His sacrifices are the reason that we breathe wider air. His life was exchanged for this very moment in history:

The freedom for a black man (and a woman) to be treated as an equal. This includes the role of leadership.


The freedom for a black man (and a woman) to be able to vote.

Linclon died for this election.

He died for it.

Obama is not perfect, but his life resonates with freedoms that owe the sacrifices of the past, and he knows it.

Obama connects with people. He wants to care for us, and act as a steward, to his greatest capacity.

He wants equal treatment for all.

He wants to be checked and reprimanded when he fails us.

This means that he is cut from Lincoln's cloth.

We owe it to Lincoln to march to the polls and vote for the most qualified candidate.

We owe it to Father Abe, who I believe, has been looking down upon us, in unrest, waiting for this moment.

We owe it to him to do the right thing and put Obama in the White House.

Obama is, by all true accounts, the most qualified man to lead this nation.

To put him in the White House is to fulfill Lincoln's Legacy.

We owe Lincoln.

We owe him.


Thank you for your story.

Lincoln was not perfect either, yet when it came time he ignored his own desires and did what was best for the country.  I want to use your essay in the NEWSVINE Observer2, I will give you full credit.

Hi Cheryl, welcome to the site. Where in Maryland are you? I'm originally from there, born and raised in Baltimore and prior to moving to NYC I lived in Bethesda.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

My Grandfather was a proud Republican as was his father and so on down the line.  I've been disenfranchised by the party for some time now, my Grandfather would have been too.  I'm happy to see that other Republicans share the same ideology as me... smaller federal government, more states rights, less federal power,  true fiscal conservatism,  strict adherence to the constitution with the liberty and freedoms granted by it.  What happened to the 14th ammendment under Bush/Cheney? The founders of the Republican Party had it right, unfortunately corporate power has twisted the Party and government.  We need to resist and reshape our government.  Actions speak louder than words..  I respect McCain, but not his supporters or current Republican ideology; vote Obama!!
Welcome to RFO mtwain.  You will find a great group of like minded, intelligent people here.  Feel free to share your thoughts on any of the threads.
Welcome friend!
don't give in to the media hype. Obama has no ideas for any of us

Hey fellow republicans. I'm Jeff 27 y/o Iraq vet. I'm so glad we have this site for people who feels a little bit confuse our party. I am enjoying reading everyarticle around here. It only proves that we are very much open minded people just like the others.

Bravo Zulu & Semper fi!!!

Love you guys!

Hi, Jeff! And welcome!

Another Jarhead, huh? Heh.


The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, & wiser people so full of doubts.
-- Bertrand Russel

Hey Jason...

Yeah one of the lucky one who got sent home for a break and currently in school. Take it easy.

Welcome aboard Jeff, and thank you for serving our country.  Browse around the site, and post to any thread that interests you. 

Bravo Zulu?  Are you from nola or is that Marine jargon that I don't understand? ;-)

Its a thing we have back in our zone. We are integrated command so we have Airfoce, Navy and other National Group. But its a command post for Jarheads-Snipers' Unit

We have another sniper here...wolfman. 

There is a great Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, the Krewe of Zulu....I was wondering if you were referring to that. 

Welcome Jeff and thanks for your service and making it home! Enjoy the site.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

Hi, all - I am also a former RNC committee official some years ago in Washington and in Asia (Republicans Abroad Trade Director and Communications Director in the late-90's.  A true Yankee - family in Mass., New Hampshire and Maine since well before the Revolution - but living overseas much of my life, and active in GOP politics for the past 2 decades.

Although a lifelong Republican of the Elliot Richardson / Kingman Brewster school (and there are few enough of us left!), this Palin nonsense has finally stuck in my throat.

Why we, as a party cannot produce better, more qualified candidates is another story, but this has just gone too far. 

Cobwebby references to the Weathermen?

Alaska Nat'l Guard eyeball-to-eyeball with the Russkies acros the Bering Straits?

References to VPs who "moved on up"??


She is a pathetic, but nonetheless dangerous, lunatic masquerading as a "down home" likeable Mom...

Whatever Mr. McCain's qualities, and no doubt he has many, we simply CANNOT put such a dangerous and shallow, transparently ambitious (and unqualified) and manipulable person so close to the Presidency!

 If McCain/Palin win, I will not return to the US, but will sadly watch the colapse from abroad.


Glad to have you with us! I hope that we can bring about an Obama victory so you can come "home."


RFO Outreach Coordinator

The enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." The enemy of "the best" is "good enough."

welcome jcfl!!!!
My name is Matt and I reside in Davis, CA which is about 20 miles west of Sacramento.  While I am currently registered as a member of the Green Party, since I moved to a new apartment I plan to re-register as "Decline to State" which is the closest a Californian can get to registering as an independent.  I came to this website after hearing from somewhere (can't remember where) that this site existed and wondered how a Republican could support someone like Barack Obama.  I've continued coming back to this site because I have generally found the content to be refreshingly free (usually) of hateful talk and innuendoes and the arguments are generally intelligent and well-thought out.  I know there are occasional differences in political beliefs between yours and mine, but at least I know that my opinions will be respectfully criticized on its own merits.  It is refreshing to know, as well, that I will not be attacked personally.  Because of this, I respect all of you here and thank all of you started and maintain this site.  You all have changed my mind what a Republican is.

Glad to have you with us, Matt. We welcome all well thought out opinions and we firmly believe that in order to move the country forward, we must forget partisanship and listen to each other. I look forward to reading your posts. 


RFO Outreach Coordinator

The enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." The enemy of "the best" is "good enough."

Golf Just came from biopsychology class where we did an experiment on perception try it for yourself. prof. Asked us to use our imaginary pair of poor or minority glasses. He then flashed a photo of Joe the plumber and asked our perception. Skinhead was the one of the least offencive names called out. Palins' was more along the lines of snob. His point seemed to be that the party had disinfranchised members that the GOP camp needed to get elected.   


Bless the McCain Palin ticket. Come to your senses and vote for sanity, not the Obama false hope

With all due respect, I cannot give my blessing to this ticket.  My senses are fine - extra sharp actually.  I am voting for sanity, as well as real hope.

Kind regards,

ellen the American 

Suzi, I'm Andrew - I'm from south Louisiana (Lafayette) but currently live in North Carolina.  I think this is a fantastic site, and I hope it picks up speed in the coming months...
Hi Andrew, cher ;-)  I'm in Prairieville, just south of Baton Rouge.  Welcome to RFO and keep posting so we can all share thoughts and ideas to help get Obama to Pennsylvania Ave!

Thanks, golf! I've been meaning to suggest an official intro forum to the guys for some time.

Maybe we can find a way to keep this thread at the top of the list. Maybe it can be made part of registration...once they pick a username and password, they gey dumped to the intro section before they complete registration.

Golf11, NYC
As far as I know, I have no reason to believe Hillary Clinton is a monster; there's no basis for that, I take her on the basis of what she says. And, you know, there isn't any reason to doubt that.

I doubt the latter, but I'm sure we can figure out something.

I am neither a republican nor a democrat, nor even a US citizen. I joined merely to say that with the majority of political sites I have visited consisting of nothing but hatred and childish namecalling this one is like a breath of fresh air. If only more of your fellow citizens could place the interests of your country ahead of allegiance to a particular "club" the world would be a better place.

Congratulations on placing reason ahead of emotion and please keep up the good work.

Thank you so much!! We have worked really hard the last eighteen months to try to establish a tone of civility and positive support (though occasionally we do get carried away). Thanks for taking the time to post!

Thanks for visiting and come back often and by all means participate and jump into our discussions.

Golf11, NYC
As far as I know, I have no reason to believe Hillary Clinton is a monster; there's no basis for that, I take her on the basis of what she says. And, you know, there isn't any reason to doubt that.

that makes two of us, barcabourke

I'm a 40 y/o French citizen, or as FOX put it six years ago "a cheese eating surrender monkey".

I love the US, and had the pleasure to visit over 20 states. I particularily like cities like NYC or Chicago, and discovering this so immense, diverse and beautiful country. I spend most of the time between Paris, Seoul and Uqbar.

What I believe / where I stand :

1) I don't consider the Republican / Democrat split to be relevant anymore. To me, there are good people who believe in the values of republic, democracy, and respect on one side, and people who are working on their destruction on the other, with a silent and easily influenceable majority inbetween.

2) I gave George W. Bush the benefit of the doubt until September the 12th, 2001. When he used the words "crusade" and "Iraq" I knew America's worst enemies were not those who provoqued the destruction of the previous day, but those who would lead the country in the worst direction at the worst moment. From the beginning, everything was written : the failure in Iraq was not collateral damage but the very aim of the sick game.

3) I really believe that GWB's strategy has been utterly successful, because :
Bush never acted as the President of the United States for the good of America.
Bush never acted as a Republican for the good of his party.
Bush always acted as a fundamentalist for the good of fundamentalisms.

4) I think it's time for this country to declare its independence from theocons, the worst enemies of both democracy and religion.

5) America failed to redeem itself in 2004, it just cannot insult history in 2008 and allow Bush-McCain-Palin to nominate one more Supreme Justice. 4 years ago I said to Republicans for Kerry : if Bush wins, your party loses its soul. Now I say : if McCain-Palin wins, your country is lost for good.

6) Barack Obama is not Mr Perfect but he is a good person and a sound leader, and he has the right approach for the XXIst century. You cannot understand a complex world and take good decisions if you see it in a us vs them / good vs evil light.

7) This man will be the best person at the best place at the best moment. He will put the country back on tracks, and he will force the GOP to change and reform itself, to get rid of its enemies from within.

8) America must wake up, and this must include from the start the GOP and Independents.

9) I love this site

Your comments are most welcome!  Excellent indeed.  I never heard "cheese eating surrender monkey" before!  I'd laugh if I didn't know it came from the most obnoxious business masquerading as a news organization.

I am so pleased to catch your fine post and have felt so ashamed about the horribly treatment you and your country received from the Bush and his fellow war mongers.

When it was happening I  condemned it with every bit of energy I had. It was and is a blight on our country for such shabby treatment of your  great country. We owe a great debt to your country for the support you gave our fledging country.

I am glad that you do not blame the majority of the  America people.    

Thank you for your support.

I'm not alone : recent polls showed that the French still loved the USA (60%), but overwhelmingly rejected Bush (14% approval rate) and overwhelmingly wanted Obama for POTUS (over 80%)

President Chirac was not a saint, but he was the first statesman to visit NYC after 9/11, with Dubya. He offered a few pieces of advice as the former mayor of Paris and PM of France when islamist terror attacks struck our capital city 20 years earlier.

Chirac fought in Algeria as France tried to keep its colonies, and it changed his World view. He is very much aware of the mistakes made by Western democracies, and of the dos and don'ts. 

He didn't oppose war with Iraq but Bush's invasion, which was <a href="">deliberately meant to fuel fundamentalism instead of fighting terror</a>. Bush hated Chirac because he knew he was an impostor, a fake liberator but a true neocon. 


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