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Red State Appeal

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 19 November 2007

Alright, sorry for the delay in posting this article. But here goes:,8599,1680192,00.html

Jay Newton-Small talks about the irony that while Obama has one of the most liberal voting records among the major candidates, red-state voters are rallying around him. Why? Because he's fresh, unifying, and inspiring:

"I'm not seeing any pretty clear matches for me in the Republican crop," said Filipi, a lifelong Republican who found out about Omaha for Obama on the Internet. "The last few years I've really had to settle on who I've voted for. I haven't been inspired. I'm not sure Obama's that person either but he's the closest I've come to getting inspired in years."

I live in a VERY red state. When I went to Obama's rally over the summer, the organizers asked how many in the audience were registered Republicans. Lots and lots of hands went up, including mine.

According to the article, that same scene is playing out all throughout the South and Midwest. And that, my friends, is pretty inspiring, indeed.

Obama's best bet to get elected is to move right to attract more conservatives. His speech at the 04 covention had a conservative tone. The more Obama spends time discussing left wing policy ideas, the more he alienates moderate conservatives. The Far Left and Hillary are the two biggest millstones around the democratic party's neck. Obama will not win because of them. If he wins, it will be because moderate republicans (aka middle class working people who are socially conservative) see him as a "safe" alternative to thier own party's nominee. Middle America wants a common sense leader with conservative social views, sound fiscal policies, and a spirit of hope and optimism. Of those three, Obama's strongest point is his spirit of hope and optimism. He should play to this strength, but do forget that in the end policy will play a role in defining him as well.

Obama is a breath of fresh air in a political season noted for the number of has beens and retreads that BOTH parties are offering as nominees.

Hi, Dale.

Yeah, Obama is having a tough time because he knows he has the power to unite the country, but he also knows he has to win the election to have the chance to do so. So he's trying to appeal to party fundamentalists while not alienating swing voters. I hope he can find a balance.

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