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Too conciliatory?

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 21 November 2007

Interesting editorial today that suggests that Obama may be too conciliatory to actually be able to unite Americans. Ronald Brownstein suggests that Hillary is too bossy and wants her own way, which will make it difficult for her to unite Republicans and Democrats. But Brownstein also suggests that Obama might be too willing to back down when others disagree.

It's an interesting thought, and certainly an intepretation of the two candidates that I hadn't seen before.

He was one of the few who voted against the war in Iraq.   That alone makes me doubt he would be too concillatory.

That's a good point, Craig. It's a little different for him, since he was at the state level rather than in Congress when the authorization was granted for the invasion. But, he made a statement that very day that he opposed the war. There was really no reason for him to stick his neck out and do that, when it was certainly the politically unpopular thing to do, but he did. 

Thanks for posting. 

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