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Playing Ketchup

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 26 November 2007

The New Yorker has featured two impressive features on Obama over the last couple of years.  This week they've published a third. Ryan Lizza poses the question: "Can Obama catch Hillary?"

Majority opinion across the country is that Hillary has already run away with the nomination and the others might as well concede now. Lizza focuses on Iowa, where the race is a statistical tie; and he probes Obama to find just what makes Obama different from Hillary, and how those differences may win him the nomination.


I think she's getting a little too cocky recently. Even the underdog Ron Paul is amazing people with what his grassroots efforts have been able to accomplish. If anything, I have a feeling that her campaign is feeling very threatened and is needing all this media hype to maintain sanity. We will find out soon enough.

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