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Divided We Stand

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 28 November 2007

If you watched the Republican YouTube debate, or really any of the debates, you realize how divided the Republican candidates are on many of the issues.

In tonight's debate the immigration issue was especially heated. Giuliani and Romney nearly came to blows, and all of the candidates had different takes on the matter. McCain delivered a moving answer that left me wishing he actually knew how to run a campaign.

The advantage the Dems have had (at least to this point) is their solidarity. They'll say it over and over again even in the debates. "The truth is, the differences among us are minor. The important thing to remember is how different we are from the Republicans."

The Republicans really need to pull their act together and figure out what it means to be Republican. They seem very confused on the matter. That's why most of us are here. We can tell the party is lost and we're looking for another option while the GOPs sort themselves out.

If the GOPs continue to beat each other up in their primary debates, they're going to be sending a very banged-up candidate out to face the Democrats in the general election. I'm not sure that's a wise move.




This is the birth of a new political dispensation in this country. The entire wolrd are watching to see the outcome of this election. Apparently we need positive change in this country and the only candidate who can genuinely bring about this change is Obama. Americans are no longer interested in politricks of criticism and antagonism, we have grown beyong that as a country. What we have witnessd in this country over the last seven years is that the rich are getting richer while the poor are suffering and to my dismay the same gaggle of candidates parade themselves as our potential president. enough is enough we need changeĀ  and we are ready to welcome it.

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