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Romney Revisited

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 30 November 2007

I posted a long while back why I don't see Romney as a smart choice as the GOP nominee. One of most apparent reasons is his history of flip-flopping at politically convenient times.

In this article in US News, Liz Halloran explains why it's still a problem for him, and why it's not getting any better. The debate Wednesday highlighted the fact that Romney still can't find a straight answer for the questions on his past positions. Whereas Giuliani seems to have put together a plausible story as to why he's wavered on certain issues (citing states' rights and such), Romney still equivocates.

Because Romney has positioned himself as the socially conservative candidate...the option for the Religious Right...he's having to try harder to keep from alienating that base. I assume this is the cause for all the circumlocution. Now when it comes to the general election, swing voters might not care as much what his position is, but they want a candidate who can stand up, look you in the eye, and tell you straight out what he believes. So far, Romney hasn't been able to do that.

Yes, this is a real problem for Romney.  How could he allow mandated health care program in MA. It's the same as Clinton and Edwards support.  Obama's plan does not force anyone to buy health insurance. But if you need health insurance, you can buy it.  In my case, my wife had cancer.  We would like a divorce.  However, if we were to get a divorce she would lose insurance off of my company insurance.  No respectable insurance company will give her a policy at any price.  Obama's plan would give her access to a policy similar to mine - $900/month.  I would gladly pay that if it would allow us to divorce.   As of now we are still married.  It's been three years since we separated, and I'm dating now, but still, would be good to not be married.

That's rough, Dan.

It's tough when you have extensive health needs. We have a handicapped son and had to wait 18 months - that's right, a year and a half -  to make it through all the insurance red tape to get the walker he needs to learn to walk. I wonder how much progress he would have made in that time? Guess we'll never know.

I don't think any of us wants to see socialized medicine. But we need an improvement and we need it soon.

As far as Romney is concerned, you'll notice he rarely discusses his health plan in Mass, which is odd since he was so proud of it at the time. I've read that it has turned out to be significantly more costly than he originally projected, and that's one of the reasons he's trying to draw as little attention to it as possible.

An article from the Dallas Morning News on why Romney would be better served by addressing his beliefs head on rather than speaking in sweeping terms of being people of faith.

Whether we like it or not, there are Republicans who will be made nervous by Romney's religous affiliation. He would be wise to address their concerns - no matter how uninformed - rather than to give voters the benefit of the doubt and assume they won't hold his beliefs against him. 

MSNBC article also indicates that Romney might be trying too hard to fit the socially-conservative Republican ideal and in the end will lose the nomination to a candidate that can make concessions.

I expect every to at least focus on their campaign and not criticise and insinuate derogatory statements about their colleague, Hillary and Romney are typical example and this explain why they are losing. If a candidate have time to address the audience but they spent half of the time to criticise their colleague then i dont know what kind of leader they will turn out to be. They need to learn the new way of campaigning and eschew the out fashion that has not been  working hitherto.

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