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Troop Withdrawal

By John Martin - Posted on 31 January 2007

Time to be critical. Tonight Senator Obama suggested a deadline for withdrawing from Iraq, proposing to have all combat brigades out of the country by March 31, 2008.

For what it’s worth, Obama better hope the troops are out by then. If Bush has his way, it may end up being Obama’s job to remove us. If Bush has his way (and it looks like he will), this is going to become Obama’s, or McCain’s, or Hillary’s war to lose.

Proposing an Iraq exit is a lot easier for Senator Obama in ‘07 than it will be for a President Obama in ‘09.

This is a real concern I've had for Obama. I respect him taking the hardline on Iraq, BUT you don't want to back yourself into a corner.

I've heard him say that every soldier will be home by the third month of the first year of his presidency. That sounds great but is it realistic? What happens when President Obama can't make it happen (for whatever reason). He becomes known as the guy that didn't follow through.

Reminds me of "Read my lips: no new taxes." In the end, when Bush had to raise taxes, support for him plummeted.


Keep in mind that there are still 18 months to the Presidential election.  A lot of things can happen in that time frame.  Also bear in mind that the Senator Obama said that "We have to be as careful coming out as we were careless going in."  Keep the faith Barbara, the good Lord has a habit of placing the right people in the right place at the right time.
WOW, reading this older blogs are like traveling in a time machine! Can you believe how prophetic they are! I am loving reading these, and hope you all, Jmartin, barbara and Erik, enjoy seeing them again, as well!

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