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By John Martin - Posted on 07 January 2007

On December 14th, Rush Limbaugh plays the following tape recording of Senator Obama speaking to Maureen Dowd…

OBAMA: You talked about my ears. I just want to put you on notice: I’m very sensitive about — what I told them was, ‘’I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears.’ ”

DOWD: We’re just trying to toughen you up.

To which Rush responds–

Well, if he’s sensitive — stop to think about this. This is a man being lauded as the savior of the country, a presidential candidate ready to be anointed, and he can’t handle being teased about his big ears? And he goes out to Maureen Dowd and says, “I am putting you on notice”? Is that a threat? I want to put you on notice?

It wasn’t a threat, Rush. You know it wasn’t a threat. Maureen Dowd knows it wasn’t a threat.

I don’t care if our next President is sensitive about his or her ears. I really don’t. The types of insecurities we should worry about are those that haunted Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon– the kind of deep-rooted insecurities that effected both leaders’ ability to lead the country, causing one to quit in the middle of a war and the other to spy on his political enemies. The demons of both of these men threatened our national security.

President Lincoln overcame serious bouts of depression throughout his life and had a habit of sitting up in his bed at night, talking out loud to himself. He also may have been homosexual. Let’s all thank the lord that gossip columnists like Rush Limbaugh weren’t around in 1864 when Lincoln was up for reelection, and that the journalists who were taken seriously then were those who reported on the state of the nation, and not what candidate so-and-so said to reporter so-and-so during what both probably thought was a private conversation.

If Obama is not yet ready to be President, it won’t be because he has the type of minor insecurities that we all have– it’ll be because he hasn’t adapted to the fact that media whores like Limbaugh pass off celebrity gossip for political commentary.

How can anyone who calls themself a republican vote for Obama?  He voted that if a baby is born ALIVE from an induced abortion the baby shouldn't be called a person because that would give the baby the same rights as us under the constitution.  He is EVIL.


Well put;  I tend to vote Republican, however, have been so disappointed with them and therefore, ready for true change and voted for Sen. Obama.

Let's see what a minority can do for a change.

Educated/ Native Texan / Moderate Conservative        

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